pspa_map1Pacific Seafood Processors Association (PSPA) is a nonprofit seafood industry trade association. Its corporate members are major seafood processing companies with operations in Alaska and Washington. PSPA was founded in 1914 to foster a better public understanding of the importance of the seafood industry, and has been in continuous and active operation since that time.

For more than a century, PSPA member companies have played an important role in the heritage and development of their regions. Today, they provide consumers with a wide variety of seafood products of the highest quality and play an ongoing, vital role in economies of the region and the nation.

Our member companies purchase, process, and market hundreds of millions of pounds of salmon, pollock, crab, cod, halibut, and other species of Alaska seafood. They have made large capital investments in the communities where they operate. They provide thousands of direct and indirect jobs and markets to thousands of commercial fishermen, and contribute millions of dollars in tax revenues that provide important services and support the quality of life in Alaska and Washington.

PSPA member companies are committed to the sound management and long-term health of fishery resources and the marine environment upon which those resources depend. They are also committed to providing good jobs and a safe, rewarding work environment to their employees, economic benefits to the region, and high quality, healthful seafood products to consumers. PSPA is proud to represent our member companies and support them in fulfilling these important commitments.