Alaska/Pacific Coast

Salmon Forecasts Return Local Fisheries to Normal Management Plan
KSRM by Ashley Smith – March 30, 2016
The Alaska Department of Fish and Game has released positive salmon forecasts for 2016’s summer.

Human interactions killed far more Steller sea lions than other sea mammals
Alaska Dispatch News by Yereth Rosen – March 31, 2016
People killed or gravely injured 682 marine mammals over the five-year period that ended in 2014, and more than two-thirds were Steller sea lions — some from an endangered subgroup — a new federal report says.

Bering Sea Harvesters Hard at Work
Fishermen’s News by Margaret Bauman – April 1, 2016
Groundfish fisheries under way in the Bering Sea and Aleutian Islands harvested thousands of metric tons of fish through early March, with pollock vessels and Pacific cod trawl catcher vessels showing particular strength.

Larger expected king run loosens restrictions on setnets, drifters
Peninsula Clarion by Elizabeth Earl – March 31, 2016
Commercial fishermen in Upper Cook Inlet will be somewhat freer to fish at the outset of the 2016 season thanks to a larger projected king salmon run.


Quality is King
Fishermen’s News by Chris Philips – April 1, 2016
Last month brought the 13th annual Wild Seafood Exchange. For those who are unfamiliar with the conference, the Wild Seafood Exchange is an opportunity for the independent commercial fishing community to interact with the customers – restaurants and retailers – and determine how to best provide the fish they need. The annual conference takes place in different ports along the West Coast, with this year’s conference being held in Bellingham, Washington.


Japanese Buyers See Stronger Demand for Pink Salmon Roe This Year
SEAFOODNEWS.COM by John Sackton – April 1, 2016
Japanese traders say that they expect a stronger market for American pink salmon roe this year.  In Tokyo’s Tsukiji market, the wholesale price of Ikura made with pink salmon roe is between Y 3200 -3800 per kg., down about 25% from last year.

Ikura imports to Japan in 2015 rose to 1704 tons, compared to 1218 tons in 2014.  Sujiko Imports were higher also, from 2264 tons in 2014 to 2705 tons in 2015.

The fall catch of chum salmon has been poor in Japan, and only a small inventory of Japanese domestic ikura is available, say dealers.  This will push buyers to use more imports.

Dealers also report that sales are slow due to the lower quality of much of the ikura available.  Roe has been small, and the better quality skeins went to sujiko production.

For this reason the price of better quality pink salmon ikura products is expected to be strong this year.


British fishermen land two of the biggest cod ever caught
Telegraph – March 29, 2016
Two British fisherman are celebrating after landing two of the biggest cod ever caught.
Paul Stevens was overjoyed with his monster effort of 83lbs caught in the sea off Norway.

Paul Stevens trapped one fish, weighing 83lbs, in the sea off Norway
Fisherman Paul Stevens with his 83lbs cod  Photo: SportsQuestHolidays/BNPS


Why beef is the new SUV
CNN by John D. Sutter – November 24, 2015
Lexington, Texas (CNN)This is the story of a giant pile of beef.
Well, 1.27 pounds (0.58 kilos) of brisket, to be exact.
But before I get into the business of explaining where this meat came from, and why eating this stuff has a massive, unexpected effect on climate change, I feel the need to confess something: That huge slab of brisket, which came to me by way of Snow’s BBQ, a delightful shack of a place out here in the heart of Texas beef country, easily was one of the most food-orgasm-y things I’ve tasted.

How to save the world’s fisheries
Washington Post by Editorial Board – March 28, 2016
FIRST, THE bad news: The world’s fisheries, which feed billions of people, are in serious decline. The authors of a study released Monday in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences examined 4,713 fisheries, accounting for 78 percent of the world’s annual catch, and found that only a third were in decent biological shape.

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