Alaska/Pacific Coast

Alaska’s Fishing Ports Spending Millions to Upgrade
Fishermen’s News by Margaret Bauman – May 1, 2016
From Unalaska’s Dutch Harbor in the Bering Sea, to the bustling commercial fishing hubs of Southeast Alaska, millions of dollars in port upgrades are underway and in the planning stages, aided by federal, state, municipal and private funding.


This new fabric can help clean up oil spills in the open ocean
It’s a mop for the ocean!
Science Alert by Josh Hrala – April 22,  2016
In 2010, the Gulf of Mexico was hit by one of the worst oil spills in history when BP’s Deepwater Horizon oil rig exploded, killing 11 people and dumping an estimated 3.19 million barrels of oil into the surrounding ocean. Though news of the spill has certainly calmed down over the past six years, researchers are still discovering just how disastrous the event was, especially for baby dolphins.

Tagging project aims to answer questions about salmon migration and fish farms
Vancouver Sun by Randy Shore – April 22, 2016
A high-tech salmon tagging project may help resolve one of the vexing unanswered questions of the Cohen Commission report on the decline of the Fraser River sockeye.

Labeling and Marketing

Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute: Marketing Update
ASMI – April 2016
Alaska Seafood Takes New York, Wild Alaska Salmon Featured in Martha Stewart Living Magazine, ASMI’s Seafood Truck Makes Appearance at German Food Festival, Alaska Seafood E-commerce Promotions Gain Momentum[UNIQID


Imaging Alaska’s Shore Line Thosands Of Images At A Time
KUCB by Zoe Sobel – April 20, 2016
How many photos do you figure you shoot out the window when you take a trip? 5? 10? 20? How many of you take a picture every three seconds?
Well, there’s a helicopter crew of modern mapmakers that takes three to five thousand photos a day.

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