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Wild Salmon Catch Hits 93 Million, Humpies Slow
Fishermen’s News – August 10, 2016
Alaska’s preliminary wild salmon forecast, compiled by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, has reached 93 million fish, but the humpy harvest, projected to be below average this year, is dragging.

Alaska celebrates first annual Wild Salmon Day with public salmon bake in Anchorage
KTUU – August 10, 2016
Alaska’s wild salmon are in the spotlight Wednesday as the state celebrates its first ever Alaska Wild Salmon Day.
Proclaimed by Alaska Governor Bill Walker with the siging of House Bill 128, August 10 honors Alaska salmon as “the quintessential taste of summer and the gold standard of salmon,” according to a news release from the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute (ASMI.)

Proposals in, 2017 board meeting to revisit Inlet battles
Alaska Journal of Commerce by DJ Summers – August 10, 2016
Deadlines have passed for proposals to the 2017 Upper Cook Inlet finfish meeting of the Alaska Board of Fisheries.


FDA Seafood Refusals Up 30% in 2016 as Filth Continues to Drive Up Rejections for Several Species
SEAFOODNEWS.COM by Michael Ramsingh – August 10, 2016
The FDA continued to refuse significantly more seafood from the US market in July mostly driven by higher rejections of lobster, snapper, mahi and tuna shipments for filth.

In July the FDA refused 197 line items of seafood from entering the US market. The figure was up 33 percent from last July, an increase of 49 line items compared to the 2015 monthly figure.

On average, the FDA is refusing 182 seafood line items per month, an increase of about 40 line items compared to last year. The monthly average is up 29 percent from 2015.

Seafood refusals for the year now stand at 1,276 line items, a 29 percent increase from 2015 figures at this time.

Lobster, snapper, mahi and tuna shipments are the key drivers in higher FDA rejections in 2016. Refusals from those four species account for 53 percent of this year’s total refusals. Those same species only accounted for 19 percent of all refusals in 2015.

Filth has been the top reason for seafood refusals this year responsible for 68 percent of  total rejections.

Last year illegal antibiotics residues in shrimp were a significant reason for rejections in 2015. This was mostly because of a transshipping with Malaysian product. Otherwise, there was more balance in refusal reasons in 2015.

These figures continue to confirm reports from earlier in the year that the FDA could reject more seafood in 2016 based on a higher volume of inspections. Refusals through the first seven months of the year show this is the case with rejections for multiple species up across the board.


20 New Fish Species Identified in Chukchi, Beaufort Seas
Fishermen’s News – August 10, 2016
A new federal report on Arctic fish species includes descriptions of 109 marine fish species from the Chukchi and Beaufort seas, including 20 newly confirmed species, providing planners much new information for managing fish populations.

In Memoriam

Former NFI Chairman Les Hodgson Passes Away at 68
SEAFOODNEWS.COM – August 10, 2016
The National Fisheries Institute issued a statement about the passing of its former chairman and Texas seafood industry veteran Les Hodgson.

Hodgson passed away at the age of 68 in Brownsville, TX.

Following is a statement from NFI President John Connelly:

“In October of 1995 the National Fisheries Institute celebrated its 50th Anniversary under the leadership of Chairman Les Hodgson.   Today the seafood community mourns his passing and celebrates his leadership as we remember a man whose focus on HACCP and fisheries management was as important then as it is today. In addition, his commitment to the protection of turtle populations was unmatched.

The Hodgson family asks that donations be made to Gladys Porter Zoo in Brownsville, Texas in support of their ongoing preservation work with Kemp Ridley turtles.

His family and friends are in our thoughts and prayers.”

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