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AK Board of Fisheries Releases Proposal Book
Fishermen’s News – August 16, 2017
In advance of its work session in Anchorage in October for the upcoming meeting cycle, the Alaska Board of Fisheries has issued its 2017-2018 proposal book, which includes 227 proposals for review at these sessions.

Peter Pan Seafoods plant on Alaska Peninsula devastated in overnight fire
KDLG by Dave Bendinger- August 16, 2017
The 100-year-old Peter Pan Seafoods processing plant in Port Moller has been devastated by a massive fire that burned through the night and into Wednesday morning. So far no one has been reported injured, but power, running water, and most phone and internet connections are down in the remote community.

Southeast Alaska Dungeness Fall Season Reduced to One Month
SEAFOODNEWS.COM – August 16, 2017
Petersburg — The Dungeness crab season this fall will open October 1 and close at midnight October 31, 2017 rather than the end of November.
ADF&G based their decision on an analysis of the incidence of legal-size male soft-shelled crabs caught early in the summer season, data from port sampling and fish tickets.

The good news was that the proportion of legal-size male soft-shelled Dungeness crabs discarded during the first week of the summer season was above the previous three-year average.

The bad news is that amount is not a contributing factor in failing to meet the 2.25 million pound harvest projection threshold described in the Southeastern Alaska Dungeness Crab Management Plan.

The announcement of the shortened fall season followed a summer Dungeness season that was cut short by three weeks. The projection indicates that total season harvest will not exceed 2.25 million pounds, but will fall near the lower end of the range of 1.5 million pounds.

The summer Dungeness season, which traditionally accounts for 74 percent of the total landings annually, closed July 25.

For Dungeness crab landings in Southeast Alaska, the five-year average is 3.2 million pounds or 1.53 million individuals. The most recent reported catch statistics are from 2014-2015, which are still preliminary but clearly the largest season since 2002. More than 5 million pounds were landed (2.4 million crab), an 84 percent increase over the 5-year average.

Average price paid at the dock over the last five years has been $2.42. Higher prices were paid in 2014-15 (averaging $2.95/lb) which nearly doubled the total value of the annual fishery from a five-year average of $7.7 million to more than $14.9 million.

For the fall season, all waters open to commercial Dungeness fishing in Southeastern Alaska will open at 8:00 a.m. on Sunday, October 1, 2017 and will close at 11:59 p.m. on Tuesday, October 31, 2017.


Senate Passes Marine Debris Legislation
Fishermen’s News – August 16, 2017
The U.S. Senate has passed legislation aimed at confronting the global marine debris crisis. The Save Our Seas Act, which would boost the federal government’s domestic and international response to ocean waste, now goes for consideration to the U.S. House, where the House oceans Caucus has introduced companion language.

Labeling and Marketing

Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute: Marketing Update
ASMI – August 2017
ASMI Launches First-ever Alaska Seafood Commercial Fishing Video Contest, Alaska Wild Salmon Day, Chef Lionel Uddipa of Juneau crowned King of American Seafood, Walmart Uses Alaska Seafood On-pack Sticker, ASMI Creates 10-minute Video with Foodable TV, Morrison Healthcare added Alaska Salmon to their Patient In-Room Menus , ASMI Presents to Pacific Fisheries Legislative Task Force in Cordova, ASMI Japan and Bio Market conduct Cooking School using Alaska Seafood,


AMSEA Urges Safety for Vessels and Crews
Fishermen’s News – August 16, 2017
In the midst of the 2017 commercial fishing season, the Alaska Marine Safety Education Association is urging harvesters to take a little time out and think about further reducing risks to their vessels and crews.

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