Alaska/Pacific Coast

Pinks Continue Surge as Kodiak Salmon Fishery Moves Past 3-Million Caught
KMXT by Jay Barrett – August 1, 2016
The Kodiak area salmon harvest blew through 3-million on Sunday, with a 305,000-plus harvest, according to Fish and Game figures released today. Over 227,000 pinks were delivered to area canneries, bringing the season total to-date to 1.25-million humpies. There were abut 61,500 reds brought in, raising the total to 1.45-million sockeye. Nearly 12,000 chum salmon crossed the docks, boosting the season deliveries to 316,400. There were 4,800 more silvers delivered, accounting for a season harvest approaching 60,000. And 156 kings caught boosts the chinook catch to 6,016.

Alaska Groundfish, Crab Values Holding Steady
Fishermen’s News – August 1, 2016
A new report funded by the National Marine Fisheries Service shows that Alaska groundfish and crab values have held their own in value over the past five years.

Concern For Golden King Crab Population Sparks Lower Quota in Western Aleutians
KUCB by Laura Kraegel – August 1, 2016
Golden king crab season opens Monday, but fishermen in the western Aleutians are facing a deep cut to their usual quota.


Genetic tests prove rare, unnamed species of beaked whale roams Pacific Ocean
The Associated Press by Dan Joling – July 29, 2016
ANCHORAGE, Alaska — Genetic tests confirm that a mysterious, unnamed species of beaked whale only rarely seen alive by Japanese fishermen roams the northern Pacific Ocean, according to research published this week.

Science unsure of cause for salmon decline in Yukon River
City News by Bob Weber – August 2, 2016
TESLIN, Yn – Ask scientists about the decline of the Yukon River’s chinook salmon run, and they’ll tell you they know one thing for sure — it’s for real.

New Effort Shines A Spotlight On Ocean Acidification In Alaska
KUCB by Zoe Sobel – July 29, 2016
Climate change may get all the attention, but it has a less-talked-about but no less troubling twin: ocean acidification. A growing chorus of Alaskans, from shellfish growers to fishermen, are fretting about the potential impacts to the state’s waters. Now a new collaboration is aiming to bring ocean acidification into the spotlight — with the hope that better understanding it will better prepare the state to adapt.

Federal Register

Fisheries of the Exclusive Economic Zone Off Alaska; Bering Sea and Aleutian Islands Management Area; American Fisheries Act; Amendment 113
A Proposed Rule by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration on 08/01/2016
NMFS proposes regulations to implement Amendment 113 to the Fishery Management Plan for Groundfish of the Bering Sea and Aleutian Islands Management Area (FMP). This proposed rule would modify the Bering Sea and Aleutian Islands (BSAI) Pacific cod fishery to set aside a portion of the Aleutian Islands Pacific cod total allowable catch for harvest by vessels directed fishing for Aleutian Islands Pacific cod and delivering their catch for processing to shoreside processors located on land west of 170 W. longitude in the Aleutian Islands (Aleutian Islands shoreplants).

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August 2, 2016