Alaska/Pacific Coast

NOAA updates Unalaska Bay charts
The Bristol Bay Times by Jim Paulin – August 26, 2016
The seafloor of Unalaska Bay is being mapped for the first time since 1935, and the technology’s more thorough now, using electronic devices instead of a couple of people in a rowboat dropping a weighted rope to the bottom a hundred feet apart.

PWS silver harvest reaches 70,000 fish
The Cordova Times by Margaret Bauman – August 26, 2016
Silver salmon harvests in Prince William Sound rose to 70,000 fish through Aug. 23, and the humpy harvest reached 12 million fish, boosting the overall harvest to 17.4 million salmon.


Gov. puts pause on shaking up commercial fisheries commission
Walker wants public engagement, feedback before gov’t restructure
Juneau Empire by Lisz Phu – August 25, 2016
Gov. Bill Walker has put a pause on an administrative order that was recently the center of a lawsuit between the state and a commercial fishing trade association.


Grants available for groundfish studies
The Cordova Times – August 26, 2016
Funds totaling $500,000 are available from the Pollock Conservation Cooperative Research Center at the University of Alaska Fairbanks for research projects in 2017 in the North Pacific Ocean and Bering Sea.

Welcome to the Arctic Ocean, Mysterious Fish
As the climate changes, the Arctic Ocean beckons Pacific salmon and other species from the south. What remains to be seen is whether this will benefit the Inuit or trigger an international race to exploit emerging resources in the central Arctic Ocean.
Arctic Deeply by Ed Struzik – August 22, 2016
Icy rain, wet snow and brief bursts of sunshine came and went as we searched for signs of polar bears, walruses and beluga whales along the southeast shore of Devon Island in Canada’s high Arctic. But none of us had considered watching out for obstacles submerged beneath the silty water until we heard – and felt – something slicing through our inflatable. As the 4 C (39 F) water began to fill the boat faster than we could bail it out with our one bucket, I instinctively suggested that we get to shore as soon as possible. But the first mate and science officer on this Arctic expedition had another idea. “Keep bailing,” she said as she steered toward our support vessel, now out of sight and more than 2km (1.2 miles) away.

Labeling and Marketing

Chicken of the Sea names top salmon consuming cities
The Cordova Times – August 26, 2016
Chicken of the Sea, a major retail supplier of packaged seafood based in Mt. Olive, N.J., includes Seattle and Anchorage among the 10 top Salmon Cities in celebration of National Salmon Day, coming up on Oct. 8.

3MMI – The 2016 Troll Coho Salmon Fishery: We get the Inside Scoop…
TradexFoods – August 29, 2016
3-Minute Market Insight:
This year, the non-quota fishery opened on June 1st with strong fishing efforts between July 4th and 24th, with the majority of landings destined for the strong sales in the fresh market.

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