April 9, 2018

Alaska/Pacific Coast New study reveals cost of 2017 salmon fisheries closure NOAA Fisheries model estimates cost of closures based on fishermen’s choices Eurek Alert – April 3, 2018 NOAA Fisheries West Coast Region Last year’s closure of the commercial ocean

April 5, 2018

Alaska/Pacific Coast Alaska regulators, legislator demand comment extension Reprinted from Greenwire with permission from E&E News. Copyright 2018. For more essential energy and environment news go to www.eenews.net Greenwire by Dylan Brown – March 30, 2018 Alaska regulators and a

April 3, 2018

Alaska/Pacific Coast Alaska Fish and Game Denies Hatchery on Baranof Island The Alaska Department of Fish and Game has announced that a proposal to open a salmon hatchery on Baranof Island has been rejected. US News – April 2, 2018

April 2, 2018

Alaska/Pacific Coast Press Release: Restrictions Coming in 2018 to Southeast Alaska Chinook Fisheries ADFG by Charles O. Swanton – March 29, 2018 (Juneau) — Chinook (king) salmon fisheries in Southeast Alaska are facing restrictions in 2018 as fisheries managers work