September 5, 2018

Alaska/Pacific Coast Aid offered in wake of record low Chignik harvest Cordova Times – August 30, 2018 An economic disaster has been declared for the Chignik fisheries region on the Alaska Peninsula in the wake of a harvest estimated at

September 4, 2018

Alaska/Pacific Coast Statewide harvest was 31 percent below forecast Preliminary catch totals at 27.8M+ for PWS, 105M + statewide Cordova Times by Margaret Bauman – August 31, 2018 For many engaged in fisheries, it’s been a challenging year, as confirmed

August 31, 2018

Alaska/Pacific Coast What risk do hatchery fish pose to Prince William Sound’s pinks? KBBI by Aaron Bolton – August 30, 2018 Recently, an argument over whether hatcheries are causing more harm than good has been heating up. The debate is

August 30, 2018

Alaska/Pacific Coast Coho, late run sockeye could help fishermen KMXT by Kayla Desroches – August 28, 2018 Late run sockeye and early run coho salmon could help soften the effect of a poor fishing season for some Alaska fishermen.

August 29, 2018

Alaska/Pacific Coast Fraser River sockeye finally catch a break with cooling water temperatures Cooler water should decrease salmon mortality and help them reach their spawning grounds up river in better condition. Vancouver Sun by Randy Shore – August 27, 2018