November 1, 2017

Politics Ray Hilborn tells US Senate overfishing shouldn’t be most important concern Seafood Source by Steve Bittenbender – October 25, 2017 A U.S. Senate subcommittee considering the reauthorization of the Magnuson-Stevens Act heard additional testimony Tuesday, with a University of

October 31, 2017

Alaska/Pacific Coast The buried treasure that’s tearing Alaska apart CNN by Bill Weir – October 27, 2017 It is the question that pits neighbor against neighbor, tribe against tribe, and Republican against Republican. Should America risk the last great salmon

October 26, 2017

Alaska/Pacific Coast Scaling back hatchery salmon could mean huge losses for fleet KCAW News – October 24, 2017 Salmon hatcheries play a huge role in Alaska’s fishing industry. But what effect are all those hatchery salmon having on Alaska’s wild

October 25, 2017

Alaska/Pacific Coast In Their Own Words: Sablefish Gear Switching in the West Coast Trawl Program, Part 3 SEAFOODNEWS.COM by Susan Chambers – October 25, 2017 Since the inception of the West Coast groundfish trawl catch shares program in 2011, using

October 24, 2017

Alaska/Pacific Coast Group of 29 tribes oppose Pebble Mine, B.C.’s ‘transboundary’ projects Juneau Empire by Kevin Gullufsen – October 20, 2017 Southeast and Bristol Bay tribal mining opposition now has a unified front. Two Alaska Native tribal consortiums announced a