July 25, 2017

Alaska/Pacific Coast Advances in Trawling Fishermen’s News by David J. Pratt – August 1, 2017 Humans by our very nature fear what is new. For better and sometimes worse, a fear of “new” can slow critical progress, especially where sticking

July 24, 2017

Alaska/Pacific Coast Prince William Sound nears last year’s total pink harvest After a historically dismal year for pinks, both in the sound and statewide, this year’s run seems to be shaping up to meet expectations, and even on an odd

July 21, 2017

Alaska/Pacific Coast Fishermen on Yukon lose economic opportunity when buyer becomes overloaded, cancels opening KYUK by Anna Rose MacArthur – July 19, 2017 Fishermen are selling more salmon than the Yukon River’s only buyer can handle. On Monday, record-breaking sales

July 20, 2017

Alaska/Pacific Coast Pink Salmon Season Forecast Looks Positive KMXT by Kayla Desroches – July 18, 2017 It looks like numbers at this early point in the pink salmon season are settling back into a normal pattern for the Kodiak region.

July 19, 2017

Alaska/Pacific Coast Yukon River fishermen get first chance to sell kings since 2011 Alaska Dispatch News by Lisa Demer – July 18, 2017 BETHEL — For the first time since 2011, some Yukon River chinook may end up as specials