March 2, 2017

Alaska/Pacific Coast Grim Forecast for West Coast Chinook Seasons; Fishermen Aware of Option of Closure SEAFOODNEWS.COM by Susan Chambers – March 1, 2017 Ocean directed coho salmon season this year on the West Coast? Unlikely. Ocean Chinook season? Possibly, but

March 1, 2017

Alaska/Pacific Coast Public battles over drift fishing corridors at fish board Peninsula Clarion by Elizabeth Earl – February 25, 2017 To be or not to be is the question for the Upper Cook Inlet drift gillnet fishing corridor. Alaska

February 23, 2017

Alaska/Pacific Coast Pacific Cod Pot Gear Harvests Closed in Western GOA Fishermen’s News – February 22, 2017 Federal fisheries officials have issued a temporary rule putting a halt to the harvest of Pacific cod by vessels using pot gear in