January 9, 2017

Alaska/Pacific Coast Effort continues to replace humans with cameras on fishing boats Alaska Journal of Commerce by Molly Dischner – January 6, 2017 Several years into the controversial effort to bolster Alaska’s fisheries observer program, a top federal fisheries official

January 4, 2017

Alaska/Pacific Coast West Coast Trawl Industry Anticipates Re-establishing Rockfish Market SEAFOODNEWS.COM by Susan Chambers – January 3, 2017 The West Coast trawl industry is anxious to rebuild its lost rockfish market and a new exempted fishing permit could make that

January 3, 2017

Alaska/Pacific Coast 2016: Looking back on a year of change Bristol Bay Times by Molly Dischner & Jim Paulin –  December 30 2016 BRISTOL BAY TIMES’ TOP STORIES OF 2016 Bristol Bay fishermen
harvest 2 billionth salmon The 2016 Bristol Bay