February 29, 2016

Alaska/Pacific Coast Herring Headache: The Big Obstacles To Eating Small Fish In California NPR.org by Alastair Bland – February 29, 2016 Every winter, a small fleet of commercial fishing boats sets gillnets in the San Francisco Bay. Their target: Pacific

February 26, 2016

Alaska/Pacific Coast One way to try to reduce bycatch in Alaska: Tax it Alaska Dispatch News by Annie Zak – February 25, 2016 Alaska fisheries that unintentionally reel in specific types of fish would have to start paying taxes on

February 25, 2016

Alaska/Pacific Coast One Alaska Legislator Proposes a Whopping 12.5% New Tax on all Fish Landings From State Waters SEAFOODNEWS.COM by Peggy Parker – February 25, 2016 Earlier this week, Senator Mike Dunleavy (R-Wasilla) introduced SB198, a bill that would impose

February 24, 2016

Alaska/Pacific Coast Public testimony underway at Board of Fish Area M meeting KDLG by Molly Dischner  – February 23, 2016 Who is catching whose fish? That’s the question that’ll be left to the state Board of Fisheries to sort out