August 3, 2016

Alaska/Pacific Coast Kodiak Pink Run is Poor, Late, or Both – Lowest Since 70s KMXT by Jay Barrett – August 2, 2016 Salmon fishermen in the Kodiak Management Area are harvesting about 200,000 pink salmon a day, which, according to

August 2, 2016

Alaska/Pacific Coast Pinks Continue Surge as Kodiak Salmon Fishery Moves Past 3-Million Caught KMXT by Jay Barrett – August 1, 2016 The Kodiak area salmon harvest blew through 3-million on Sunday, with a 305,000-plus harvest, according to Fish and Game

August 1, 2016

Alaska/Pacific Coast Bristol Bay reaches fourth largest salmon harvest Bristol Bay Times by Molly Dischner  – July 29, 2016 Bristol Bay’s salmon run hit yet another milestone this season. If 2 billion fish on the books and a record catch

July 29, 2016

Alaska/Pacific Coast Stikine sockeye run is the best return in a decade KFSK by Angela Denning – July 28, 2016 The sockeye salmon run returning to the Stikine River near Petersburg and Wrangell was predicted to be good, but it’s