April 25, 2016

Alaska/Pacific Coast Alaska’s Fishing Ports Spending Millions to Upgrade Fishermen’s News by Margaret Bauman – May 1, 2016 From Unalaska’s Dutch Harbor in the Bering Sea, to the bustling commercial fishing hubs of Southeast Alaska, millions of dollars in port

April 21, 2016

Alaska/Pacific Coast IPHC Will Sell Research Fish Fishermen’s News – April 20, 2016 Halibut harvested and sampled during research operations off northern California, Oregon, Washington, British Columbia and Alaska this summer will be sold to offset costs incurred by the

April 20, 2016

Alaska/Pacific Coast Southeast king salmon quota released, higher than last year KCAW by Brielle Schaeffer – April 18, 2016 The Southeast Alaska king salmon quota for 2016 is out and it’s already looking better than last year. In 2015, no