May 14, 2018

Alaska/Pacific Coast Copper River salmon fishery opens May 17 Pike Place Fish market posts $174.93 apiece for first run sockeyes Cordova Times by Margaret Bauman – May 11, 2018 Harvesters, processors and consumers alike are bracing for the start of

May 11, 2018

Alaska/Pacific Coast Discussion Begins On Guidelines For Producing More Kuskokwim Fish Through Hatcheries KYUK by Anna Rose MacArthur – May 11, 2018 With king salmon runs declining on the Kuskokwim River, at least one village has expressed interest in developing

May 10, 2018

Alaska/Pacific Coast With New Report, CVRF Continues Its Fight for More Fish KNOM by Gabe Colombo – May 8, 2018 The Coastal Villages Region Fund (CVRF) has commissioned a new report that it says is further evidence its federal fishery

May 9, 2018

Alaska/Pacific Coast Management impact on fishing families studied Cordova Times by Margaret Bauman – May 8, 2018 In a series of workshops in five Alaska communities, National Marine Fisheries Service hopes to learn more about the impact of fisheries management