June 22, 2017

Alaska/Pacific Coast Alaska halibut allocations are treading; strong spawns for blackcod National Fishermen by Charlie Ess – June 21, 2017 Though some feared the season would be waylaid with setbacks tied to the new Trump administration, Alaska’s halibut and blackcod

June 21, 2017

Alaska/Pacific Coast As Bristol Bay’s quality standards evolve, skippers weigh investment in onboard chilling KDLG by Nick Ciolino – June 20, 2017 As more processors stop canning and require chilled fish, RSW systems give boat captains more control over their

June 20, 2017

Alaska/Pacific Coast Walker calls 2nd special session to avert a state government shutdown, puts fiscal measures aside Alaska Dispatch News by Nathaniel Herz – June 17, 2017 JUNEAU — The Alaska Legislature on Friday finished its first special session and

June 19, 2017

Alaska/Pacific Coast In a Bering Sea battle of killer whales vs. fishermen, the whales are winning Alaska Dispatch News by Suzanna Caldwell – June 19, 2017 In the Bering Sea, near the edge the continental shelf, fishermen are trying to

June 16, 2017

Alaska/Pacific Coast First Port Moeller Report Suggests Bristol Bay Sockeye Run Timing Normal, Close to Forecasts SEAFOODNEWS.COM by John Sackton – June 16, 2017 The first interpretive report issued from the Port Moeller Test fishery, released yesterday,  suggests that the