April 12, 2017

Alaska/Pacific Coast Season set for Kodiak herring The Fish Site – April 12 2017 The Kodiak herring sac roe fishery will begin at noon Saturday April 15th, the Alaska Department of Fish & Game (ADF&G) has announced this week. http://www.thefishsite.com/fishnews/29028/season-set-for-kodiak-herring/

April 11, 2017

Alaska/Pacific Coast Pacific Council Approves Electronic Monitoring for West Coast Trawlers SEAFOODNEWS.COM – April 10, 2017 The Pacific Fishery Management Council heard updates on an exempted fishing permit (EFP) and took final action to approve electronic monitoring (EM) in the

April 7, 2017

Alaska/Pacific Coast President Trump Signs Resolution Overturning U.S. Fish and Wildlife Regulation End-of-term Obama Regulation Seized Alaska’s Authority to Manage Fish and Game SitNews – April 5, 2017 Alaska Governor Bill Walker thanked Congress and the President yesterday for taking