February 15, 2017

Alaska/Pacific Coast Alaska Halibut’s Responsible Fisheries Management Certification is Renewed SEAFOODNEWS.COM – February 13, 2017 The Alaska halibut fishery has been awarded continued certification to the Alaska Responsible Fisheries Management (RFM) Certification Program. Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute (ASMI) announce the

February 14, 2017

Alaska/Pacific Coast U.S. House tees up bill to repeal Alaska fish and wildlife regulation Alaska Dispatch News by Erica Martinson – February 13, 2017 WASHINGTON — The U.S. House has plans to start the process next week to repeal an

February 13, 2017

Alaska/Pacific Coast Bering Sea pollock program review leaves some doubts Fis.com – February 11, 2017 After an indefinite postponement, last December, a catch quota system for the Gulf of Alaska that has in preparation for four years, the North Pacific

February 10, 2017

Alaska/Pacific Coast Trident Seafoods lead customer for NewCold’s cutting-edge cold storage facility Seafood Source by Madelyn Kearns – February 8, 2017 Ground has been broken on a site near the Port of Tacoma in Washington, U.S.A., which will accommodate the

February 9, 2017

Alaska/Pacific Coast Seafood groups pick up $5.9M tab for hatchery salmon research Alaska Journal of Commerce by DJ Summers  February 8, 2017 Processors and a Southeast hatchery have agreed to pony up millions to keep an Alaska Department of Fish