August 25, 2016

Alaska/Pacific Coast Alaska Salmon Forecast & Harvest to Date – 2016 ASMI- August 22, 2016 Sockeye harvests are mostly over; however, some late running systems will continue to produce for several weeks. The final harvest exceeded the preseason forecast though

August 24, 2016

Alaska/Pacific Coast News from Alaska Sea Grant: Fishlines August 2016 Discovery of New Beaked Whale, New Book Helps Seafood Suppliers Target Hong Kong, 31st Wakefield Fisheries Symposium, Harmful Algal Bloom Workshop, Alaska Ocean Acidification Network Mothership and Shoreside Whiting

August 23, 2016

Alaska/Pacific Coast Low pink salmon return confounds experts from Alaska – August 23, 2016 Pink salmon run in the Southeast area is slowing just when the fishing season was expected to reach its peak in Alaska. This situation, added

August 19, 2016

Alaska/Pacific Coast Seiners turn in early after weak pink harvest KFSK by Abbey Collins – August 18, 2016 The pink salmon season in Southeast is supposed to be peaking right now. Instead, the run is actually slowing, harvests have been