February 8, 2016

Alaska/Pacific Coast Study Finds Widespread Economic Benefits of Alaska Ferry System & Impacts of Reduced Service The Site News by Mary Kaufman –  February 7, 2016 Ketchikan, Alaska – The Alaska Department of Transportation released a report Thursday on the

February 4, 2016

Alaska/Pacific Coast Bycatch spike, meeting spur trawl stand down Alaska Journal of Commerce by DJ Summers – February 3, 2016 Gulf of Alaska trawlers are flocking to a meeting in Portland, leaving behind a halibut bycatch situation the North Pacific

February 3, 2016

Alaska/Pacific Coast Tanner crabbing underway as consolidation adds complications Bristol Bay Times by Jim Paulin – February 2, 2016 Fishing industry consolidation has complicated the lives of Tanner crab fishermen and processors, but it looks like they’ll still have access