Alaska/Pacific Coast

British Columbia’s Commitment to Mining Prompts Growing Fisheries Concerns
Fishermen News – February 18, 2015
In the wake of the release of an independent expert engineering investigation and review into the Mount Polley mine disaster in British Columbia, a watershed-based conservation group is voicing concerns over approval of a new permit for another BC mine.

Trawl fleet continuing to fish for Pacific cod
Homer News by Cristy Fry – February 18, 2015
The boats fishing for Pacific cod with pots in the central Gulf of Alaska federal season finally wrapped up their 17.9 million pound quota Monday, a few days later than last year, but the trawl fleet is still fishing with only 30 percent of their 9,600-ton quota caught.


East Coast Fishery

Uncertain Future for Atlantic Cod Market
The Fish Site -February 19, 2015
US – Fishing for Atlantic Cod has begun in Europe and pricing on raw materials is still very strong, due to the prevailing variable catch. This is putting a lot of pressure on finished products, reports Kyla Ganton, in the Tradex Foods 3-Minute Market Insight.


Labeling and Marketing

EU Freezing Date Rule Could Provide Boost for Single Frozen Pollock
SEAFOODNEWS.COM  by John Sackton February 18, 2015 EU regulations implementing the “Sell by” and “Best Used by” labeling requirements may have a provision that will help boost the value of single frozen products.
feb 19 update
Within the regulations, one requirement for frozen fish is that the date of freezing be included on the label.  The proposed definition of the date of freezing is that it should be the date of first freezing.

“The date of first freezing referred to in Annex III, point 6 of Regulation (EU) No 1169/2011 corresponds to the date on which the carcass of meat, meat or fish used as raw materials for the production of the final product have been frozen for the first time.”

This means that the date of freezing for a single frozen product, such as made from a pollock block, would be as much as a year earlier than the date of freezing for a product made with a twice frozen pollock block.

Already there is a price spread between single frozen and 2X frozen blocks.  Putting the date of freezing on the label in this manner could help support, and perhaps, widen that price premium.  This same logic could apply to coldwater shrimp as well, where both single frozen and twice frozen shrimp compete in the same European market.

As an example, two frozen pollock products sold this June in the EU would appear to be quite differently labeled.  A single frozen block, produced in the A season, would have a February 2015 date of first freezing.

A double frozen block, produced in the A season, sent to China for reprocessing, and then sent to Europe for final sale, would likely not reach the market for nine to twelve months, meaning when it was sold its date of freezing could be as much as 9 months to 18 months behind that of the single frozen product.

There is some talk of resistance to this EU wide regulation in Germany, where the German Veterinary Society is lobbying for a special interpretation for twice frozen fish blocks, which is aimed at protecting German manufacturers, who are large users of twice frozen blocks,  from facing this labeling disadvantage.



ADF&G releases Volume Two of Chinook News
Fishermen News – February 18, 2015
Alaska Department of Fish and Game officials have released volume two of Chinook News, with updates on the agency’s work on the Chinook Salmon Research initiative. The publication can be found online at chinooknews.main.

Henderschedt Will Lead NOAA Office of International Affairs
Fishermen News – February 18, 2015
NOAA Fisheries officials have announced the appointment of industry veteran John Henderschedt to head the merged Office of International Affairs and the Seafood Inspection Program, effective April 6.


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