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Strong forecasts, busy regulatory year ahead for fisheries
The Washington Times (Associated Press) by DJ Summers – January 19, 2015
ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) – The coming year should prove a lucrative year for Alaska fisheries, even in the face of the doom and gloom surrounding the chinook salmon declines and a sketchy halibut situation.

ADF&G Forecasts 2015 Copper River Salmon Run to Be Up 25% Over Last Year
SEAFOODNEWS.COM [SeafoodNews] – January 19, 2015
The Alaska Department of Fish and Game has issued its 5th highest forecast for this summer’s Copper River salmon run over the last 20 years, with it predicted to be up nearly 25 percent this summer led by a notable increase out for the sockeye fishery.

Copper River interested in buying Icicle in full
Undercurrent News by Jeanine Stewart – January 16, 2015, 5:15 pm
Copper River Seafoods plans to throw its hat in the ring in the Icicle Seafoods sale process that began this week, as Pacific Seafood Group is also being seen as a frontrunner.

Bering Select Opens First Ever Omega-3 Plant in Dutch Harbor
BusinessWire by Todd Parker – January 14, 2015
DUTCH HARBOR, Alaska–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Bering Select, a new manufacturing facility began producing premium quality omega-3 ingredients in Dutch Harbor this week. The plant produces the rich omega-3 oils of locally caught Alaska cod and other fish species.


Russian pollock prices under pressure as sector fights to keep export tax breaks

Undercurrent News by Tom Seaman – January 19, 2015
With pollock H&G prices under pressure at $1,350/t, the industry association is fighting hard to keep tax breaks benefiting exporting, amid a state drive to keep more fish in the domestic market.

Russian Crab Catches Were 65,000 Tons in 2014, Plus an Additional 35,000 Tons of Estimated IUU Crab
SEAFOODNEWS.COM  by Eugene Gerden – January 19, 2015

Russia’s state fishery monitoring center said that total official crab production was 65,000 tons in 2014, but Rosrybolovstvo estimated that actual catches were 100,000 tons due to poaching.

There is a significant split within the Russian government regarding crab poaching, with some officials protecting the Russian Crab Mafia, while others attempt to shut down IUU crab fishing.

As a result, the effectiveness of anti-poaching measures is often less than meets the eye.


New Study Finds Dramatic Drop in Large Fish Numbers in 100 Years
FIS – January 16, 2015
An new international study, which analysed more than 200 ocean ecosystem models across the globe to assess the evolution of the world fish biomass from 1880 to 2007, has found that large fish have declined by two-thirds in one century.

Labeling and Marketing

Alaska seeks to elucidate relationship between wild and farmed salmon
FIS – January 19, 2015
Alaska Department of Fish and Game (ADFG) has undertaken a multi-year research project to shed light over the interactions between wild and hatchery fish.

The project focuses on two very important commercial species for Alaska, wild and hatchery-bred pink and chum salmon.

Federal Register

National Standard 1 – Ongoing Revisions (Due June 30, 2015)
NOAA Fisheries has issued a proposed rule to revise the General section of the National Standard guidelines and the guidelines for National Standards 1, 3, and 7 of the Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act. The National Standard guidelines assist the regional fishery management councils (councils) and NOAA Fisheries in developing fishery management plans.

. . . . The proposed revisions include:

  • Increasing flexibility in setting timelines for rebuilding programs.
  • Providing flexibility for better managing data-limited stocks.
  • Clarifying guidance on which stocks require conservation and management.
  • Enhancing current efforts by the councils to apply ecosystem approaches to management.
  • Providing for more stable fisheries through guidance on multiyear overfishing determinations, phasing in results of new stock assessments, and the carryover of the unused portion of annual catch limits to subsequent years.
  • Adding a definition for “depleted stocks” to recognize non-fishing-related impacts to fish stocks.
  • Recommending the councils re-evaluate the objectives of fishery management plans, to ensure they reflect the changing needs of the fishery, including allocation of fishery resources.



Former Fish & Game Commissioner Cora Campbell Appointed CEO at Siu Alaska Corporation
KNOM by Jenn Ruckel – January 16, 2015
Former Alaska Department of Fish & Game commissioner Cora Campbell has been hired as the new Chief Executive Officer of Siu Alaska Corporation, as CEO John Eckels schedules his retirement for March.

Siu is a for-profit subsidiary of the Norton Sound Economic Development Corporation established in 2009, invested in six commercial fishing ventures in the Bering Sea.

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