Alaska/Pacific Coast

Study Shows Skepticism With Fisheries Privatization
Fishermen’s News – January 21, 2015
A survey of fish harvesters in Kodiak by University of Alaska Fairbanks researchers shows much concern over future of fisheries access because of privatization of fishing rights.

Board of Fish chair Johnstone resigns, replaced by Maw
Alaska Journal by Rashah McChesney- January 20, 2015
Alaska Board of Fisheries Chairman Karl Johnstone has resigned. He could be replaced by United Cook Inlet Drift Association Executive Director Roland Maw according to documents filed on Tuesday to the Alaska Legislature.


Coldwater Shrimp Prices Up 7.5% Since the Start of January as Traders Brace for Lower Supply in 2015
SEAFOODNEWS.COM by Michael Ramsingh – January 21, 2015

Coldwater shrimp prices are on the rise this month in response to a global supply shortage with production in Maine, Canada and Greenland on the decline.

In early week trading Urner Barry prices for 150/250 count pandalus borealis ticked up over 6.5 percent from last week to $7.20 per pound, a five-year-high. Since the start of the month pandalus prices are up nearly 7.5 percent or $0.50 per pound.

According to Urner Barry supply concerns in 2015 have given rise to coldwater shrimp prices, which held steady for a majority of the fourth quarter.

First, Maine’s coldwater shrimp season was cancelled for the second straight year with the stock at record low levels.

Meanwhile, Newfoundland regulators slashed the inshore coldwater shrimp fishery quota 27 percent for the 2015 spring season, about a 10,000 ton reduction.

Then in late December, the West Greenland coldwater shrimp catch was reduced 14 percent to 73,000 tons. Some type of cut to Greenland’s quota was predicted during the Cold Water Prawn Forum last November with evidence that stocks in the Davis Straight were on the decline.

It appears traders are preparing for a more limited supply situation moving into the year as Urner Barry noted even higher offerings in addition to the premiums already reported in this week’s trading.


IN BRIEF – Salmon Industry expected merger of AquaChile and Marine Harvest encourage other associations in the sector – January 22, 2015
The announcement of merger between the salmon Marine Harvest Chile and AquaChile rocked the local industry, which looks favorably upon this association.

Improving the Sustainability of China’s Aquaculture Industry
The Fish Site – January 22, 2015
CHINA – A recent study from Stanford University highlighted the pressure that China’s huge aquaculture sector has on wild fish stocks. Although the study addressed some concerns in the industry, it is important to take a look at how the Chinese industry is currently approaching these issues and what more can be done, writes Lucy Towers, TheFishSite Editor.

Labeling and Marketing

IN BRIEF – Alaska’s approach $1 million canned pink salmon campaign – January 23, 2015
Alaska seafood marketers are ramping up promotions and bankrolling a $1 global million media blitz to counteract a tough sockeye salmon market.


This technology could mean the end of our global overfishing crisis by Gwynn Guilford – January 22, 2015
In the manmade sea-life apocalypse (paywall) that may soon be upon us, illegal fishing is a major culprit—responsible for one in five fish being plucked from our oceans each year. That’s possible because there are more than 120,000 vessels in the ocean at any given time, and these ships plunder the territorial waters of poor countries and remote corners of the sea, where no one is watching them. Because this $23.5 billion worth of fish is unrecorded, it pushes marine populations closer to collapse than governments realize.south-africa

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