Alaska/Pacific Coast

Sitka processor to open ‘transformative’ facility Madison, Wisconsin
KCAW by Robert Woolsey – January 3, 2018
A boat-to-table seafood processor in Sitka is expanding its retail footprint in the Midwest.


Monitoring program to control seafood imports begins to take effect – January 4, 2018
A new regulation to prevent illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing and fraud with seafood in US markets has come into force early this year.


Bitumen spill would harm B.C. salmon: study
Exposure to diluted bitumen hinders the swimming performance of salmon, causes their heart muscle to stiffen and damages their kidneys
The Canadian Press – December 22, 2017
Salmon migrating through rivers and streams in British Columbia use all their strength, but new research says even tiny amounts of diluted bitumen weakens their chances of making it back to spawn.

Busch: Moving beyond climate debate and into action
KCAW by Robert Woolsey – January 4, 2018
Regardless of your politics, it’s obvious to most Alaskans that the environment is changing. In the Arctic, it’s melting permafrost and increased erosion; in Southeast, it’s higher-energy storms and warming ocean temperatures. In December Governor Bill Walker appointed a non-political, 20-member “Climate Action for Alaska Leadership Team” to recommend measures that should be taken in the state to address climate change. The group met for the first time recently in Anchorage. KCAW’s Robert Woolsey spoke Sitka Sound Science Center Director Lisa Busch about her role on the team.

California drought leads some salmon to get lost
The Associated Press – January 3, 2018
SACRAMENTO, Calif. — A desperate decision to truck California’s native baby salmon toward the Pacific Ocean during the state’s drought may have resulted in generations of lost young salmon now hard-pressed to find their way back to their reproductive grounds.

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