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Supreme Court rules setnet ban unconstitutional
Alaska Journal of Commerce by DJ Summers and Rashah McChesney – January 6, 2016
The Alaska Supreme Court overturned a lower court ruling on Dec. 31, declaring a ballot initiative to ban setnets in certain areas of the state unconstitutional.

2015 Safe Year for AK Commercial Fishermen
Fishermen’s News – January 6, 2016
For commercial fish harvesters in Alaska, it’s been a very safe year.
An article published online this month in Alaska Fish & Wildlife News notes that the US Coast Guard recently announced a milestone: No one in Alaska died commercial fishing in a vessel-related incident in the past year, for the first time.


New Analysis Identifies World’s Largest and Busiest Fishing Ports
The Pew Charitable Trusts By Tony Long – January 5, 2016
A new study ranks the world’s top 100 ports by volume of commercial fish landed, providing another vital layer of knowledge for assessing fishing vessel activity at ports around the globe. The information fosters a better understanding of where what are known as Port State Measures can be most effective in deterring illegal fishing and preventing illicit catch from entering the market.


Pacific Ocean ‘Blob’ finally starting to dissipate
Patch of warm water 1,000 km long has affected weather, fish, even this winter’s El Nino
CBC News –  January 6, 2016
A University of Victoria oceanographer believes the "Blob" will be gone by the end of winter.
A University of Victoria oceanographer believes the “Blob” will be gone by the end of winter. (NOAA)
A University of Victoria oceanographer says the “blob” of warm water in the Pacific Ocean is starting to break up due to strong winds and ocean currents.


New Study Examines Injuries Among Dungeness Crab Fishermen
Fish Site – January 7, 2016
US – Commercial Dungeness crab fishing on the West Coast is one of the highest risk occupations in the United States, based on fatality rates. But non-fatal injuries in the fishery appear to go largely unreported, a new study from Oregon State University shows.

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