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Latest Copper River and Prince William Sound Fisheries announcements
The Cordova Times – July 13, 2017
Here are the latest Copper River and Prince William Sound Fisheries Announcements (Click to view or download the PDF):

Nushagak set netters try to not catch too much during record sockeye run
KDLG by Nicholas Ciolino – July 13, 2017
Setnetters in the Wood River special harvest area are able to catch their daily two thousand pound limit with relative ease, during the record sockeye run in the Nushagak District.

Longtime Nushagak fishermen say they’ve never seen a year like this
KDLG by Nicholas Ciolino – July 13, 2017
The total run to the Nushagak  in Bristol Bay has surpassed the all time record for the district. Those who have spent many, many decades fishing at Nushagak Point weigh in on the unprecedented season.


The rare Trump appointment that is actually making scientists very happy
Washington Post by David Shiffman – July 13, 2017
Thus far, the Trump administration has pursued an agenda that has alarmed scientists and environmentalists, including the recent decision to pull out of the Paris climate agreement. The administration has also been slow to appoint scientific leadership, both in the White House and across federal agencies.

Saildrones will aide NOAA research this summer
Cordova Times – July 13, 2017
Federal fisheries scientists say they will launch unmanned ocean vehicles, called Saildrones, over the next four months from the Arctic to the tropical Pacific Ocean to learn more about how changes in the ocean are impacting fisheries and marine life.

Labeling and Marketing

Alaska Symphony of Seafood braces for 2018 event
Call for entries for the 25th annual event will begin in mid-August
Cordova Times – July 13, 2017
A call for products for the 25th annual Alaska Symphony of Seafood will begin in mid-August, with a deadline for entries of Oct. 6, the Alaska Fisheries Development Foundation announced on July 11.

Federal Register

Fisheries of the Exclusive Economic Zone Off Alaska; Bering Sea and Aleutian Islands Crab Rationalization Cost Recovery Program
A Notice by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration on 07/13/2017
NMFS publishes notification of a 1.57 percent fee for cost recovery under the Bering Sea and Aleutian Islands Crab Rationalization Program. This action is intended to provide holders of crab allocations with the fee percentage for the 2017/2018 crab fishing year so they can calculate the required payment for cost recovery fees that must be submitted by July 31, 2018.

In Memoriam

Ron Jensen, Long Time Seafood Industry Leader, Has Died
SEAFOODNEWS.COM by Peggy Parker – July 14, 2017
Ronald R. Jensen, a giant in the seafood industry who shaped fisheries, international trade, and marketing during a 30-year career in seafood, died June 25, surrounded by his family.

The former CEO of Arctic Alaska was known for his casual air and strict professional standards. He brought an elegance to the rough-and-tumble world of Alaskan fishermen, and a razor-sharp mind that could calculate break-even points before others had their first cup of coffee.

Jensen was born in Seattle in 1937. He was an alumnus of the University of Washington and graduate of the Harvard Business School, where he completed the Advanced Management Program (AMP).

From the age of 14, Jensen fished in Alaska. In college, he took courses only two quarters a year, spending the other two fishing to cover college costs. He became a Certified Public Accountant after graduation, and in 1962, after three years of working as an accountant, was hired by the firm that built the Disneyland monorail, to oversee building and operating the monorail for the Seattle World’s Fair.

In 1963, the year after the fair, an accounting firm sought Jensen out to consult on a king-crab company in trouble. It was Pan-Alaska Fisheries.

In an interview with the Seattle Times in 1990, Jensen described his first day on the job.

“I went in to see the treasurer,” Jensen said. “She said he had left permanently. A big pile of things to do was on his desk” — Jensen held his hands about two feet apart.

“Then I found out the president had walked out, left to go to Alaska for two weeks. I said, `Jensen, what the hell did you do?’ ”

What he wound up doing was bringing Pan-Alaska back to financial health. By 1975, Jensen sold Pan-Alaska for $15 million to Castle & Cooke. The new owners wanted Jensen to stay on for four years as Senior Vice President and General Manager of Seafoods. Jensen stayed on for seven, the last four years at headquarters in San Francisco.

Jensen returned to Seattle in 1982, but not before ConAgra, the giant food conglomerate in Omaha, Neb. hired him to run their Sea-Alaska Products unit. Jensen became president and chief executive officer of Sea-Alaska from 1982-1988.

Jensen was president of National Fisheries Institute, the nation’s largest seafood trade association, from 1982-1983.

A decade earlier, in 1971, he had been appointed as a Bilateral Fishing Treaty Advisor by the Department of State. He served in that capacity until 1974. He was also appointed to the Marine Fisheries Advisory Committee and served two terms, from 1976 to 1982.

Jensen’s first retirement from the seafood industry was in 1988, but two years later he joined Arctic Alaska Fishing Corporation as president and COO.

In the Seattle Time interview, Jensen was described as “the sort of person who runs you out of breath. Gregarious and earthy, the man can crush your hand at the first shake and, after a few sentences, make you think you’ve known him for years.”

In 1992, Jensen shepherded the sale of Arctic Alaska to Tyson Foods. He served on Tyson’s Board of Directors until 1993.

His second retirement from the fishing industry was his last, but Jensen didn’t slow down. In 1999 he launched Pet’s Choice, a chain of veterinarian clinics in several states. He also served on the board of directors for Treasure Bay Gaming & Resort, Inc. and as chairman of the board for Landmark Group Holdings, Inc.

Jensen was a U.S. spokesman for the Japanese – U.S. Industry Negotiations in 1982-1986 and was appointed U.S. Advisor on the Intergovernmental Consultative Commission (ICC) by the Department of State for a three-year term, from 1990 until 1993.

He was also appointed by the Secretary of Commerce and the International Trade Representative to the Industry Sector Advisory Committee on consumer goods for trade policy matters (ISAC4).

In all of his endeavors, Jensen’s broke barriers with a unique combination of business acumen, humor, and an irresistible esprit de corps.

Francis Miller, a visionary who had seen the potential for U.S. companies in the Bering Sea when foreign trawlers were still there, talked Jensen into coming on board as CEO and President of Arctic Alaska in the early 90’s. At the time, Miller was chairman of the board and wanted Terry Baker, Arctic Alaska’s long-time CEO, to move up to vice chairman.

“One of Ron’s biggest assets was his personality,” Miller remembered.

“The people [there] were a little concerned when they heard Terry was leaving. But a week after Ron came, they were saying, ‘God, this guy is great.’ ”

An industry memorial service is planned for August 17, 2017 at Fisherman’s Terminal in Seattle, outside of Chinook’s Restaurant.

In lieu of flowers, Jensen’s wife Joan requests donations be made to the American Cancer Society and/or the National Fisheries Institute Seafood Research Fund.

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July 14, 2017