Alaska/Pacific Coast

Yukon River fishermen get first chance to sell kings since 2011
Alaska Dispatch News by Lisa Demer – July 18, 2017
BETHEL — For the first time since 2011, some Yukon River chinook may end up as specials in high-end restaurants.

City of Manakotak implements fish tax
Manakotak implemented a fish tax this season as part of their annexation of Igushik.
KDLG by Allison Mollenkamp – July 18, 2017
The City of Manakotak established a fish tax for the first time this year. The two percent tax went into effect before fishing season started and only affects set-netters.

A big harvest + a buck a pound: Bristol Bay 2017 will be one for the books
KDLG by Dave Bendinger – July 18, 2017
Mother Nature sent way more sockeye back to Bristol Bay than was expected, and many fishermen recorded their top seasons ever. As other fisheries fall short, the market is eager for all the fish the Bay can provide, so the fleet goes home with a better price, too. The ex-vessel value may be the highest since early 90s.

Pollock, Kodiak’s Fortune Fish
KTVA – July 13, 2017
You might think salmon and halibut are what keeps Alaska’s fish processing industry humming. But in Kodiak, it’s pollock that helps to provide year-round employment.

Episode 115: Follow-up Frontiers-Kuskokwim King Crisis
KTVA by Rhonda McBride – July 9, 2017
On Frontiers, we’ve followed the ups and downs of the king salmon crisis on the Kuskokwim River in Southwest Alaska. In 2013, their numbers hit record lows, but improved last year, to allow a limited subsistence harvest.


Ecosystem study unlocks the mystery of black cod survival
KCAW by Robert Woolsey – July 14, 2017
Over the past couple of decades black cod — or sablefish — has become one of Southeast Alaska’s most commercially-important species. Longliners target them in deep waters off the continental shelf, during the same season as halibut.

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