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Alaska Fisheries Report
KMXT by Maggie Wall – July 26, 2018
House Democrats urge President Trump to give fishermen caught in the tariff war the same benefits as American farmers.

PWS commercial salmon harvest exceeds 12 M
Cordova Times by Margaret Bauman – July 26, 2018
Daily updates on the Prince William Sound in-season harvest estimates from the Alaska Department of Fish and Game boosted the total commercial salmon harvest total to over 12 million fish as of July 24.

California King Salmon Season Reopens Today
SEAFOODNEWS.COM – July 26, 2018
California’s commercial salmon fishermen are thrilled to again provide some of the world’s best tasting salmon – the California king salmon! Chefs, foodies and salmon lovers everywhere can again enjoy this iconic summer delicacy right from their local grocery stores, fish markets and restaurants.

After a mid-season break, commercial salmon fishermen can begin fishing again today. Prior to the scheduled June 30 closure, the catch was more than double the projection for the May-June season in the Monterey management zone, according to the California Salmon Council.

“There is a larger supply of king salmon than was anticipated, which is great news for California consumers,” Salmon Council CEO David Goldenberg said in a press release.

California is traditionally a leading state for providing wild ocean run Chinook salmon, which are caught May through October. Featured at local grocery stores, fish markets and fine restaurants, these fresh, wild salmon are so renowned because of their firm texture and robust flavor – in addition to containing higher levels of Omega-3 fatty acids than other salmon varieties. Caught locally off California’s coast, California’s king salmon also provide consumers with a sustainable, responsible option.

“Our hardworking fleet of fisherman have just set out into the Pacific to begin fishing during the later part of the season, so we are anticipating fish will begin appearing the marketplace early next week,” Goldenberg said.


Salmon ballot measure proponents fight back after legislative hearing
After lawmakers hear warnings of costs, consequences, backers say fisheries are worth it
Juneau Empire by James Brooks – July 25, 2018
Proponents of the pro-fisheries Ballot Measure 1 are fighting back after a Friday legislative hearing that saw state officials discuss the costs and consequences of the proposal.

From Congress, a call to help fishermen caught in trade war
Alaska Public Media by Liz Ruskin – July 25, 2018
Democrats in the U.S. House are urging President Trump to give fisherman caught in the trade war with China the same benefits announced Tuesday for farmers.

Worldwide fillet frenzy bodes well for foreign pollock sales
National Fisherman by Charlie Ess – July 26, 2018
A reduced pollock harvest in Russia, decreased production of tropical surimi, and an increased demand for fillets, roe and surimi worldwide will drive demand northward for Alaska pollock throughout 2018.



Young Fish Provide Clues to Future Pacific Cod Stock Size – Post 2
NOAA – July 25, 2018
We just got back from Kodiak, Alaska after a successful week of surveying for young-of-the-year Pacific cod.  Juvenile Pacific cod only use the nearshore for a short period in the summer and early fall before migrating into deeper water and joining the older population. It gives us a rare opportunity to use small boats and beach seines to access what is otherwise considered an offshore marine fish species.  Great weather in the summer can make the work very enjoyable, especially when it takes you into the beautiful bays around Kodiak Island and the Alaskan peninsula!

Did ‘the blob’ heat the Bering Sea enough to threaten your fish sticks?
Alaska Public Media by Nathaniel Herz – July 26, 2018
You’ve probably heard about the blob, the pool of warmer-than-normal water that wreaked havoc on fish and wildlife in the North Pacific.


Salmonfest Weekend Starts August 3
Fishermen’s News – July 25, 2018
Salmonfest, the three-day weekend music festival aimed at entertaining and educating participants about the importance of salmon habitat, begins August 3 at Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula Fairgrounds in Ninilchik, Alaska.

25 Years of Trawl Winch Technology

Fishermen’s News by Helgi Kristjansson – August 1, 2018
The first automatic trawl winch controls were launched by the Rafboði Company, later changed to Naust, in Iceland, in the year 1981. From that point on, companies have been working to innovate trawl technology, promoting the advantage of electric winches versus hydraulic systems. Among these, Naust developed their Automatic Trawl Winch (ATW) system as an efficient and reliable winch control system that could withstand the harsh conditions on the Icelandic fishing grounds and meet the high demanding expectations from the Icelandic trawler captains.

‘It’s surreal’: Seattle’s Pike Place Fish Market sold to fish-throwing employees
The technique of flinging fish from the display cases of the nearly 90-year-old Pike Place Fish Market to the scales hasn’t changed for Anders Miller, Samuel Samson, Jaison Scott and Ryan Reese — who together have worked at the Seattle landmark for decades — but now they’re the owners and not just the hired hands.
Seattle Times by Christine Clarridge – July 20, 2018
Jaison Scott has an old photograph of himself as a 7-year-old with his mother’s former boss, John Yokoyama, who took him down to the Seattle waterfront regularly and taught him how to pick out the freshest fish, how to spit and how to curse.

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