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Cooke Seafood Purchases Icicle Seafoods
The Fish Site – June 20, 2016
CANADA – Cooke Seafood has now purchased Icicle Seafoods, Inc. This deal enhances the Cooke family’s investments in both the wild fishery and the aquaculture sectors, making them leaders in the US salmon farming sector and a major player in the Alaskan salmon fishery.


Understanding rogue ocean waves may be simple after all by Anthony Watts – June 21, 2016
An international team of scientists has developed a relatively simple mathematical explanation for the rogue ocean waves that can develop seemingly out of nowhere to sink ships and overwhelm oil platforms with walls of water as much as 25 meters high.

Federal Register

Commercial Fishing Industry Vessels
A Proposed Rule by the Coast Guard on 06/21/2016
The Coast Guard announces the withdrawal of this regulatory project, which involved possible amendments to Coast Guard regulations affecting uninspected United States commercial fishing, fish processing, and fish tender vessels. The possible amendments involved vessel stability and watertight integrity, risk awareness and minimization, personnel instruction and drill requirements, safety and survival equipment, and compliance documentation. Withdrawal of this regulatory project will allow the Coast Guard to focus on a new rulemaking project implementing 2010 and 2012 legislation that affects the commercial fishing industry.

Commercial Fishing Vessels-Implementation of 2010 and 2012 Legislation
A Proposed Rule by the Coast Guard on 06/21/2016
The Coast Guard proposes to align its commercial fishing industry vessel regulations with the mandatory provisions of 2010 and 2012 legislation passed by Congress that took effect upon enactment. The alignments would change the applicability of current regulations, and add new requirements for safety equipment, vessel examinations, vessel safety standards, the documentation of maintenance, and the termination of unsafe operations. This rule only proposes to implement these legislative mandates, would exercise no Coast Guard regulatory discretion, and would promote the Coast Guard’s maritime safety mission. It does not reflect any provision of the Coast Guard Authorization Act of 2015, but the preamble to this document discusses its likely impact where appropriate. That Act will be the subject of future Coast Guard regulatory action.


How to keep legal around the Cape Greig walrus? US Fish and Wildlife has new tips
USFWS published new Q&A sheet for fishermen, tourists, and others on best practices around the new, impressive haul out of Pacific walrus north of Ugashik.
KDLG by Dave Bendinger – June 15, 2016
On Wednesday, the US Fish and Wildlife Service put out more guidelines for how to interact with walrus, mainly on account of the new haul out at Cape Greig north of Ugashik. The north line of that district has already been moved south a mile to add more buffer. This will be the closest any fishery in the state operates near to a Pacific walrus haul out. State and federal authorities are working closely to try and protect the animals and not interrupt fishing or tourist viewing.

DIPAC thanks our community volunteers
Juneau Empire – June 19, 2016
The Macaulay Salmon Hatchery would like to thank the special volunteers who helped make our education and community events a great success so far this year.

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June 21, 2016