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Alaska Salmon Harvest Nears 5 Million Fish
Fishermen’s News – June 22, 2016
Commercial harvests of Alaska’s wild salmon have expanded statewide, with total deliveries nearing 5 million fish, including nearly 3 million sockeyes.

Harvest Nears Quarter-Million in Young Salmon Season
KMXT by Jay Barrett – June 21, 2016
Kodiak salmon fishermen have delivered just about a quarter million fish so far in this young season, according to Fish and Game’s daily in-season harvest summary. With Sunday and Monday’s deliveries, the all-species catch stands at 248,737.

NOAA decision may be coming soon
Herald Net – June 23, 2016
Friday is being bandied about as the most likely day for NOAA Fisheries to announce its approval or rejection of state/tribal-negotiated summer Puget Sound salmon fisheries. That’s not a firm date, just a rumor, and the word that the slate of seasons is a go or no go could be coming out by the time you read this, or tomorrow, or early next week, or who knows. We’ll find out first on the state Department of Fish and Wildlife’s website at


Russian Processors Fear Salmon Shortage with Pink and Chum Catches Expected to Fall Sharply
SEAFOODNEWS.COM by Eugene Gerden – June 22, 2016
The Russian salmon industry is on the verge of a serious crisis due to the poor salmon catch this year, which may result in a shortage of fish in the domestic market.

According to predictions of analysts at Rosrybolovstvo, the catch of pink and chum salmon in the Russian Far East and Sakhalin, which is the center of Russian salmon production, is expected to be 2-3 times less than previous years. This could trigger the growth of poaching and may result in bankruptcies of many local producers and processors.

This has already been confirmed by Igor Bystrov, deputy chairman of the Government of the Sakhalin region.

According to Rosrybolovstvo forecasts, about 45,000 tonnes of pink salmon and 12,000 tonnes of chum salmon will be produced in Sakhalin this year, which is by 2-3 times less than in previous years. This will be not enough to fill the capacities of over 200 fish processors and could result in bankruptcies as early as this September-October.

Disruption of salmon supplies may result in the bankruptcies of some of the local leading processing enterprises, such as the  Ostrovny Rybokombinat, one of Russia’s largest salmon processors, which debts have already exceeded 1 billion rubles.

Rosrybolovstvo is considering a ban on fishing in the south-west coast of Sakhalin, in order to support recovery of the local salmon stock.


Fisheries Expert to Head Alaska Research Institute
Fishermen’s News – June 22, 2016
Ralph Townsend, a Minnesota college dean with extensive background in fisheries and economics, is the new head of the University of Alaska Anchorage’s Institute of Social and Economic Research.

Plastic Trash To Fuel: From The Labs of UC Irvine – The Innovation That Our World Needs
Crazy Engineers by Ankita Katdare – June 22, 2016
As the world faces a severe problem of plastic (polyethylene) overdose, the synthetic polymer is getting increasingly difficult to degrade thanks to its chemically inert nature. A team of researchers from University of California, Irvine and Chinese Academy of Sciences working on the problem of converting the piling plastic trash to something useful seems to have found a solution. They have come up with a new method that can convert plastic into liquid fuels and waxes by using the easily available short alkanes such as petroleum ethers.

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