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Alaska Salmon Sales Near $23 Million
Fishermen’s News – June 29, 2016
Sales of more than 78 million pounds of fresh, frozen and canned wild Alaska salmon from Jan. 20 through April 30 brought in nearly $23 million, Alaska’s Department of Revenue says in its latest salmon price report.

Troll fleet heads out for first summer king opening
KFSK by Joe Viechnicki – June 29, 2016
Southeast Alaska commercial trollers have their first summer opening for king salmon July 1st.

First Modern Trawl Catcher Processor Heads North
Fishermen’s News- July 1, 2016 | Vol 72, No 07
The 233-foot Amendment 80 catcher/processor Seafreeze America was christened last month at the Seattle offices of United States Seafoods. Not a newbuild, but new to the fishing industry, the vessel was originally built for the US Navy in 1990 as a 188-foot research vessel. The new boat continues a longstanding tradition in the commercial fishing fleet of converting existing vessels, often oil supply vessels from the Gulf, to fish in the North Pacific.

Behnken to represent Alaska on halibut commission
KCAW by Robert Woolsey – June 27, 2016
Longtime Sitka resident Linda Behnken has been appointed to the six-member International Pacific Halibut Commission.

Bristol Bay Sockeye Harvest on Track, Port Moller Stock Composition About Mid-Range

SEAFOODNEWS.COM by Peggy Parker – June 29, 2016
Sockeye salmon are starting to show up in the Nushagak and Egigik Districts, major watersheds in Bristol Bay. Fishermen and processors are expecting a more traditional timing of the peak return closer to July 4.

As of yesterday, a total 1.9 million sockeyes have been landed. Over a million were caught in the Nushagak district and more than 600,000 sockeye landed in the Egegik district.

The Port Moller Sockeye Salmon Stock Composition Summary gives salmon managers in Bristol Bay an early look at run size for eleven different destinations for salmon as they pass Port Moller. The research station, on the north side of the Aleutian Peninsula about 250 miles ESE of Ugashik Bay, take genetic samples to identify which district the fish are returning to.

The June 21-22 report shows most fish (just over 30% of those sampled) are heading towad the Egegik District, with the next highest group of Ugashik heritage. For this date those are not surprising results.

The 90% confidence intervals for Egegik  is 18% – 51%, so 32% is close to mid-range.  For Ugashik as well, the range was 0-30%, and actual testing shows 17% of the fish are of Ugashik origin.

A run of 7.4 million sockeye is predicted in the Egegik district for a harvest of 5.7 million.

Naknek-Kvichak District pre season forecast is for 23.2 million sockeye total run and harvest of 11.7 million: 5.9 from the Kvichak River, 2.7 million from the Alagnak River and 3.2 million from the Naknek River.

The run in Ugashik is expected to be 5 million sockeye, for a harvest of 3.8 million fish.

Nushagak is expected to bring in 7.8 million fish for harvest, out of a total run of 10.4 milion.

Togiak’s run is  is estimated to be 660,000 fish, slightly higher than 2015’s forecast of 610,000, which would mean a potential harvest of 440,000 sockeye.

Total Bristol Bay pre season forecast is 46.55 million run for a harvest of 29.52 million sockeye.


Russia Plans to Raise Crab Production by 2018
Seafood News – June 29, 2016
Russia announced a controversial plan to lift a ban on trawling in order to raise its crab catch 27 percent to 72,000 metric tons a year by 2018.

E-certification for salmon exports from Chile to Russia in final stage
Post Online Media – June 28, 2016
After almost two years’ work between the Russian Veterinary Service (Rosselkhoznadzor) and the National Fisheries and Aquaculture Service of Chile (SERNAPESCA), the electronic certification for seafood exports to the Eurasian market entered its final stage of development.


AOOS Granted $2.5 M for Ocean Observing
Fishermen’s News – June 29, 2016
Federal funds totaling $2.5 million have been awarded to the Alaska Ocean Observing System for the first year of an anticipated five-year cooperative agreement in support of ocean and coastal observing activities in Alaska.

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