Alaska/Pacific Coast

Trawlers banned from Unalaska Bay
Alaska Dispatch News by Jim Paulin – March 19, 2016
Unalaska Bay was completely shut down to trawlers by state regulators last week after a long campaign by the Unalaska Native Fisheries Association, representing local small boats.

2016 Togiak Herring forecast similar to 2015
KDLG by Molly Dischner –  March 18, 2016
Plenty of herring expected in Togiak this spring, despite continuing “doom and gloom” for the market.
The Alaska Department of Fish and Game released its Togiak herring forecast Wednesday, and once again, the market, not the fish, is likely to be the limiting factor this spring.

Herring fleet fishes Krestof; half of quota taken
KCAW by Emily Kwong – March 21, 2016
Over the weekend, seiners landed over 5,000 tons of herring on the second opening of the Sitka Sound Sac Roe Herring fishery.


Walker administration says loophole costs $1.4M in taxes from big fishing boats
Alaska Dispatch News by Nathaniel Herz – March 19, 2016
JUNEAU — Gov. Bill Walker’s proposed fish tax increase has drawn attention to a loophole giving a discount of as much as $1.4 million a year to some of the big Washington-based factory trawlers that fish off Alaska’s coast — and Walker’s administration is working to fix it.


Chile Algae Bloom will Depress Harvests Through 2018
Seafoodnews – March 17, 2016
With losses now projected at more than 100,000 tons of both atlantic salmon, coho and trout, the scale of the Algae Bloom in Chile is coming into focus.

Labeling and Marketing

3MMI – Atlantic Salmon Hype Shakes up Wild Salmon Market Projections; Pink Shrimp Season Predictions
TradexFoods – March 21, 2016
3-Minute Market Insight:
– The brunt of the Atlantic Salmon product shortage will be seen in fresh sales during June and July
– After the highest 3-state total EVER, and after 5 consecutive years of near-50 million pound landings in Oregon, Pink Shrimp harvests this year will have tough shoes to fill

Federal Register

Fisheries of the Economic Exclusive Zone Off Alaska; Deep-Water Species Fishery by Vessels Using Trawl Gear in the Gulf of Alaska
A Rule by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration on 03/21/2016
NMFS is prohibiting directed fishing for species that comprise the deep-water species fishery by vessels using trawl gear in the Gulf of Alaska (GOA). This action is necessary because the first seasonal apportionment of the Pacific halibut bycatch allowance specified for the deep-water species fishery in the GOA has been reached.

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March 21, 2016