Alaska/Pacific Coast

Bumper crop of pinks expected
Homer News by Cristy Fry – March 18, 2015
Thanks to hatcheries coming back online, lower Cook Inlet is expecting a bumper crop of pink salmon this season.

Is Bristol Bay facing a processor crunch? – March 20, 2015
The Alaska Department of Fish and Game has surveyed Bristol Bay sockeye processors with the following outcome:
The results of this survey found the 2015 Bristol Bay total intended purchases of 35.5 million fish is approximately 2.1 million fish (6%) lower than the forecast harvest of 37.6 million fish.

Unalaska fights to save Stimson
Bristol Bay Times by Jim Paulin – March 20, 2015
Despite departing City Manager Chris Hladick’s discouraging comments, the Unalaska City Council, mayor, and natural resources analyst are all calling for a big push to keep the state fisheries patrol vessel, Stimson, in Unalaska. They also want local residents to join the fight by contacting legislators and oppose sending the boat to Kodiak.


Young Introduces Bill to Reauthorize Magnuson-Stevens Act
Alaska Public Radio by Liz Ruskin, APRN – March 20, 2015
Alaska Congressman Don Young has introduced a bill to reauthorize the Magnuson-Stevens Act, the nation’s primary law governing fishing in federal waters. It leaves fisheries managers some controversial wiggle room.

Labeling and Marketing

ASMI Promotes Alaskan Pollock Roe, Yellowfin Sole in Fourth Month Promotion with China’s Big Pizza
SEAFOODNEWS.COM [SeafoodNews] March 23, 2015
The Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute’s Chinese division anticipates over 175,000 pounds of Alaskan seafood were consumed among Chinese diners during a fourth month promotion with Chinese restaurant chain Big Pizza.

The Future of Sustainable Seafood
The Fish Site – March 20, 2015
ANALYSIS – The Seafood Expo North America in Boston earlier this week was as always an overwhelming affair of seafood exhibitionism, much of it breaded and deep-fried, but some also raw and delicious, writes Øistein Thorsen, Principal Consultant, Benchmark Sustainability Science.


Study examines decline in young rural Alaska fishermen
Bristol Bay Times by John Messick – March 21, 2015
In 1980, the city of Dillingham boasted more than 150 fishing permit holders in the community. Today, that number has dropped to less than 80, and while the number of fishermen in rural Southwest Alaska has declined, the average age of those who continue to fish has risen by almost 10 years.

The Color of Salmon: How Much Would You Pay for Orange?
Triple Pundit by Andrew Burger – March 23, 2015
The color of food plays a perhaps surprisingly large role in our perceptions of its attractiveness, as well as our expectations of how it will taste. Take salmon, for example. Studies have shown, and salmon prices reflect, our inherent bias and preference for salmon that is orange to reddish in color.


My Turn: Magnuson-Stevens reauthorization moves forward
Juneau Empire – by Rep. Don Young – March 18, 2015
Almost 40 years ago, without regard for the conservation of our fisheries or the needs of the Alaskan people, foreign fishing fleets dominated the waters off Alaska’s shores and took anything and everything in their reach. Ask anyone familiar with the times. Deck lights of foreign vessels – dozens if not more – could be seen just miles off the coast of Kodiak and other coastal communities. Recognizing the need for change, countless Alaskan fishermen came to Congress to ask for help in pushing the foreign fleets out.


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