Alaska/Pacific Coast

With New Report, CVRF Continues Its Fight for More Fish
KNOM by Gabe Colombo – May 8, 2018
The Coastal Villages Region Fund (CVRF) has commissioned a new report that it says is further evidence its federal fishery allocations are unfairly low.


What should Alaska do about climate change? Now’s your chance to weigh in.
KTOO by Rachel Waldholz – May 9, 2018
Think you know what Alaska should do about climate change? Now’s your chance to be heard.


NOAA vet named head of Alaska crab group
Seafood Source by Christine Blank – May 8, 2018
Jamie Goen, a veteran of NOAA’s National Marine Fisheries Service as well as the International Pacific Halibut Commission, is the new executive director of Alaska Bering Sea Crabbers.

NPFMC Meets in Kodiak June 4–11
Fishermen’s News – May 9, 2018
Initial reviews of fixed gear catcher vessel rockfish retention, halibut retention, and a Bering Sea/Aleutian Island Pacific cod trawl catcher vessel analysis are on the agenda for the upcoming federal fisheries meeting in Kodiak June 4–11.

Oregon Seeks Members to Serve on Seafood Commodity Commissions
SEAFOODNEWS.COM – May 10, 2018
The Oregon Department of Agriculture is seeking applications to fill several positions on the state’s agricultural and commercial fisheries commodity commissions.

The deadline for applications is May 18, 2018. Applications can be accepted after the deadline for unfilled positions. The Commissioner Application and Qualification forms and a list of all openings may be seen is posted here. Scroll down to Resources for the application forms.

Most appointments are for a three-year term beginning July 1, 2018. Some commissions have openings for four-year terms. Some of the appointments will be for less than three years since they will fill unexpired terms.

Any applicant for producer or handler positions on any commodity commission must be a U.S. citizen, an Oregon resident, and have paid or collected the assessment for that particular commodity for at least three years, or four years in some cases.

The Oregon Dungeness Crab Commission has an opening for a public member. A public member must also be a U.S. citizen, an Oregon resident, and have an active interest in improving economic conditions for that commodity. A public member cannot be directly associated with the production or handling of the specific commodity they seek to serve.

ODA Director Alexis Taylor appoints commissioners to make decisions about how producer assessments are spent on promotion, education, and research projects funded by each commodity commission. She is seeking applicants who represent the diversity among Oregon processors and commercial fisheries. For public members, consumers of the commodity who have the interest and time to serve will be the best fit.

The following Oregon commodity commissions are seeking applicants for appointment:

Oregon Albacore Commission– 1 producer, 1 handler
Oregon Dungeness Crab Commission– 1 producer, 1 handler, 1 public member
Oregon Salmon Commission– 2 producers
Oregon Trawl Commission– 2 producers, 1 handler

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May 10, 2018