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Copper River salmon fishery opens May 17
Pike Place Fish market posts $174.93 apiece for first run sockeyes
Cordova Times by Margaret Bauman – May 11, 2018
Harvesters, processors and consumers alike are bracing for the start of the famed Copper River salmon fishery, which opens at 7 a.m. on May 17, amidst predicted rain showers and temperatures in the 40s.


BOF will take up hatchery egg petition May 14
Cordova Times – May 13, 2018
An emergency petition seeking to halt an increase in the number of pink salmon eggs taken in Prince William Sound has been added to the agenda of the Alaska Board of Fisheries teleconference meeting set for May 14.


Russian Fishery Co. to Build Big Cod Plant on Barents Sea if they get Quota
SEAFOODNEWS.COM by Eugene Gerden – May 9, 2018
The largest pollock producer, Russian Fishery Company (RRPK), together with “Agama Group of Companies”, another large fish processor, plan to build a new coastal processing plant in the Russian Northern Basin, that will specialize on the processing of cod and haddock, according to the partners.

The project will be implemented by “Russian Cod”, which is a fishing enterprise,  based in Murmansk, and which was specially established by the partners for the project.

Building of the plant will allow both RRPK and Agama to participate in the  distribution of investment quotas for the catch of fish in the Russian Northern Basin. That will take place in accordance with the currently existing mechanism of investment quotas, which allows investors in coastal processing plants in Russia to obtain additional quotas for fish catch.

Rival Producer Norbo will also participate in the auction of Barents Sea cod.

Initially, Rosrybolovstvo planned to conduct the auctions on the distribution of quotas for fish catch in the Northern Basin on April 2, however, these plans were revised, while a new date has not yet been set.

A spokesman of RRPK said the current projects for the development of coastal processing are in line with its current strategy of the company, which involves the  increase the share of output of fish products with high added value.

In the case of Agama, the company already owns a factory for processing cod and haddock in Murmansk and may expand the already existing capacities.

A spokesman of RRPK said if “Russian Cod” wins the auctions, then the construction of the plant will be completed in 2019. The planned design capacity of the new enterprise is over 50 tons of finished products (frozen fillets and minced meat) per day.

The cost of the project is not disclosed, however, according to some analysts’ estimates it may reach about 2 billion rubles (US$40 million) depending on technological solutions and equipment.

This is the second coastal processing project of RRPK, which has been declared for the implementation in the past several weeks.

Recently the company announced the launch of the “Russian Pollock” project in the Far East, which involves  building a plant for the production of 25,000 tons of fish products. Implementation of the project is expected to allow RRPK to receive additional quotas for the production of 14,500 tons of pollock and herring. The project will be implemented in cooperation with “DV invest” enterprise,  which is owned by a Russian Far East businessman Denis Sarana, who is a co-owner of the Vladivostok Sea Fishing Port.

This partnership will make it possible for RRPK to use refrigeration infrastructure of Vladivostok Sea Fishing Port, where the partners will build a 40,000-ton refrigerating and storage facility. Also, “DV Invest” has expertise in logistics of fish and finished products.

In the meantime, in addition to RRPK, Norebo (Karat) Group of Companies, another Russian leading fish producer and processor, affiliated with a Russian fishing tycoon Vitaly Orlov, has also plans to participate in the auctions for the distribution of fish quotas in the Russian Northern Basin. Details of these plans are currently not disclosed

To date, the number of applications for the participation in the auctions has already significantly exceeded figures initially planned by Rosrybolovstro and industry’s analysts. According to their current predictions, there will be a high demand for quotas during the auctions, while the latter will go towards lowering the quota share, therefore, companies can receive quota shares that are substantially smaller than originally planned.

Labeling and Marketing

How three US retailers won Lent
Seafood Source by Christine Blank – May 14, 2018
Three U.S. supermarket chains significantly increased their sales during Lent, with demonstrations, recipes, and internal contests promoting Alaskan seafood.

Business wants to deliver pizzas at sea

Bristol Bay Times by Jim Paulin – May 12, 2018
Pizza, octopus and coffee businesses are the winners in this year’s Aleutian Marketplace Competition.
Pizza delivery in Bristol Bay, on the water, to fishing boats? That was one winning proposal, to make hot food runs in a small boat while salmon tendering.

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