Alaska/Pacific Coast

ADF&G Plans For New Dutch Harbor Herring Fishery
KUCB by Zoe Sobel – May 18, 2016
The Alaska Department of Fish and Game hopes to generate $200,000 from a new herring test fishery. The fish would be used for both food and bait. The organization is trying to make up for cuts to the state’s general fund budget.

Report: Optimism for salmon prices in ‘16
Alaska Journal of Commerce by DJ Summers – May 18, 2016
A new market analysis has an optimistic outlook for the 2016 salmon season — and goes a long way in explaining why Bristol Bay sockeye salmon received a low dockside price for last year’s catch.

GOA Trawl Fishery Opens Under Temporary Rule
Fishermen’s News – May 18, 2016
Harvesters aboard vessels using trawl gear in the Gulf of Alaska are back for now into fishing for several deep-water species, thanks to a temporary rule issued on May 16 by the National Marine Fisheries Service. Federal fisheries officials said the opener was necessary to fully utilize the 2016 groundfish total allowable catch specified for species comprising the deep-water species category in the gulf.


Port State Measures targeting IUU fishing takes effect June 5
Alaska Journal of Commerce by DJ Summers – May 18, 2016
An international agreement aimed at combatting illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing, or IUU, will take effect June 5. Alaskan pollock and crab are two species impacted by IUU catch, particularly from Russian waters. File Photo/Molly Dischner/For the Journal


Plastics, once America’s darling, now foreign villain on Alaska shores
Alaska Public Media by Liz Ruskin – May 17, 2016
U.S. Sen. Dan Sullivan chaired a hearing in Washington this morning on marine debris, and he asked the witnesses if there was consensus on what the focus should be.

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