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Young Fishermen’s Network keeps growing
Bristol Bay Times by Lawrence Hamilton – May 19, 2017
A network dedicated to the betterment of fisherman, both at land and sea, is offering a range of activities this year designed to help fisherman understand their role in the global marketplace.

Washington loses fight, might pay up to $2B to save salmon
ABC News by Phuong Le – May 19, 2017
Washington state lost a major legal battle Friday, which could force it spend nearly $2 billion to restore salmon habitat by removing barriers that block fish migration.

First Copper River Opener Took Nearly Half the Chinook Forecasted Harvest and 36,000 Sockeye
SEAFOODNEWS.COM by Peggy Parker – May 22, 2017
With nearly half the total chinook pre-season harvest taken in the Copper River’s first 12-hour opener, the pressure is building for in-season management to ensure the harvest won’t exceed 4,000 Chinook, as prescribed in the management plan.

This year’s Chinook return to the Copper River is the lowest since 1985. The total run is estimated at 29,000 Chinook and minimum escapement is set at 24,000 chinook salmon.

The problem for the in-season Alaska Department of Fish and Game managers is that even when fishermen are not targeting chinooks with large-mesh nets, they will catch a few with sockeye gear during the first four weeks of the season. If the first 12-hour period took 48% of the total allowable Chinook catch, how will department manager slow down the harvest until mid-June, when they anticipate the Chinook run will be upriver, heading to their spawning streams.

The second 12-hour period on the Copper River Flats started this morning at 7 ADT with the same Chinook-protecting closed waters as last week.

Sockeye harvests during last week’s 12-hour opener were right on schedule: 36,000 ssalmon compared to a projected harvest for that period of 37, 200 sockeye.

The upriver (Miles Lake) sonar has counted 5,584 salmon as of May 21, exceeding pre-season estimates of 1,315 salmon as of that date. A range of 360,000 to 750,000 sockeye are needed for escapement over the next few months.


Legislature Confirms Board of Fisheries Appointees
KMXT by Kayla Desroches – May 18, 2017
The state legislature confirmed the appointment of three members to the Board of Fisheries Tuesday at its joint session.


NOAA Warns of Continuing Species Shifts Due to Warming Oceans
Fishing Wire – May 19, 2017
Changes impact local fishing communities, resource management
Scientists using a high-resolution global climate model and historical observations of species distributions on the Northeast U.S. Shelf have found that commercially important species will continue to shift their distribution as ocean waters warm two to three times faster than the global average through the end of this century. Projected increases in surface to bottom waters of 6.6 to 9 degrees F (3.7 to 5.0 degrees Celsius) from current conditions are expected.

Labeling and Marketing

Company familiar to Bristol Bay to boost northern summer chum operation
Bristol Bay Times by Shady Grove Oliver – May 19, 2017
Following a slim couple of years, the summer Arctic keta, or chum, fishery in Kotzebue should see a significant boost this summer.


The “Amazon Of Fish” Wants To Get Americans Eating More Seafood delivers fresh fish from a New York City warehouse to anywhere in America in less than a day. Can it change American’s relationship with sustainable fish?
Fast Company by Eillie – May 17, 2017
At midnight, the shore of Hunts Point–where the Bronx meets the East River–comes alive. Crew unload up to a million pounds of fish from shipping containers and haul them into the New Fulton Fish Market, a 700,000 square foot warehouse that replaced the original Fulton Fish Market, which operated in Lower Manhattan from 1822 until it was shuttered in 2005 and moved to the Bronx. Seafood streams into the market from fisheries along the Atlantic Seaboard and around the world, where it lands in a system that, as Mike Spindler, CEO of the startup tells Fast Company, “really has not changed or modernized in several hundred years.”

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