PSPA’s corporate members are proud to be among the world’s leading producers of quality, healthy seafood products.

With primary processing facilities located throughout Alaska, many of our member companies also have secondary processing operations in and around Puget Sound in Washington.

PSPA member companies have invested hundreds of millions of dollars in facilities, processing technology, value-added product development, and marketing.   They have pioneered technology to maximize the use of each fish species. This investment in research, technology, and state-of-the-art equipment has resulted in utilization of more than  99% of the fish processed in the pollock fishery, our nation’s largest fishery, and production of  a wide array of  products from salmon, crab, halibut, cod, pollock and many  other seafood species. These products are marketed domestically and around the globe. Additionally our companies produce fish meal and bone meal, and use fish oil in the generators that provide power to some of their facilities. High quality food grade fish oil is also produced and sold as a healthy, Omega-3 rich, dietary supplement.

PSPA member companies are deeply committed to the long term health of marine resources and ecosystems, and to continuing the vital role they have played for more than 100 years in the economic well- being of Alaska, and the Pacific Northwest.

The following companies are PSPA Corporate Members:

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Alyeska Seafoods Inc
Alyeska Seafoods, Inc.
Golden Alaska Seafood
Phoenix Processor Limited Partnership
Trident Sfds-trident
Westward Seafoods 2