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Silver Bay Seafoods making bold moves for 2018 rebound
Mega-buyer to bring legendary John Lowrance back to Bristol Bay, improve food and living conditions at the Naknek plant, add a second four-station tender, aim for a final 2017 price of $1.50, and hopefully drop 50 boats before next summer.
KDLG by Dave Bendinger – November 24, 2017
The record-setting 2017 commercial sockeye season in Bristol Bay was tougher than usual for most companies in Bristol Bay. The run size, 56.5 million total, was a whopping 42 percent bigger than the state predicted, and the 37.7 million sockeye landed was 10 million more than anyone was planning for.

Pacific Fisheries Review: US Fisheries – Technology and Sustainability
“Technology is neither good nor bad; neither is it neutral.” Melvin Kranzberg’s First Law of Technology
Fishermen’s News – December 1, 2017
Fisheries in the US are well regulated.
That is due in part to technological advances over the years that allow us to make better stock assessments. There is however a lot of guesswork in the equation and fishermen and fishing boats are not as utilized in the equation as they should be. Technology is available to help.

It’s a brutal end for these salmon, but it replenishes oceans and feeds families
Sacramento Bee by Hudson Sangree – November 27, 2017
Thousands of salmon make the grueling journey from the Pacific Ocean up the American River each fall. The spawning run ends for many with a whack on the head at the Nimbus Fish Hatchery, where salmon eggs are gathered and fertilized.

Labeling and Marketing

ASMI offers space at Seafood Exposition Global
Cordova Times – November 26, 2017
Alaska’s wild seafood promotion entity, the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute, has extended an invitation to industry participants to share space at ASMI’s pavilion at the 2018 Seafood Exposition Global, set for April 24-26 in Brussels, Belgium.

Lemon Herb Butter Cod by Alaskan Leader, a BBEDC partner, recognized with Symphony of Seafood win
KDLG by Dave Bendinger – November 24, 2017
Alaskan Leader, which partners with the Bristol Bay Economic Development Corporation, fishes four freezer longliners in and around the Bering Sea. Last Saturday at the Pacific Marine Expo in Seattle, its Seafoods division received awards for its new lemon herb butter cod and a pet treat made from cod byproduct.


Bristol Bay drifter named “fisherman of the year” for quick skills at annual event
Malcolm Vance of Glennallen, who fishes the F/V Bristol Nymph in Egegik, took the win after he donned a survival suit in 57 seconds at the Pacific Marine Expo.
KDLG by Dave Bendinger – November 24, 2017
During the Pacific Marine Expo, National Fisherman hosts a contest dubbed “Fisherman of the Year.” It’s open to anybody willing to get onstage and mend nets, tie knots while blindfolded, and splice line. Winners from each heat then square off to see who can don a survival suit the fastest and claim the coveted title.

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