February 14, 2017

Alaska/Pacific Coast U.S. House tees up bill to repeal Alaska fish and wildlife regulation Alaska Dispatch News by Erica Martinson – February 13, 2017 WASHINGTON — The U.S. House has plans to start the process next week to repeal an

February 13, 2017

Alaska/Pacific Coast Bering Sea pollock program review leaves some doubts Fis.com – February 11, 2017 After an indefinite postponement, last December, a catch quota system for the Gulf of Alaska that has in preparation for four years, the North Pacific

February 10, 2017

Alaska/Pacific Coast Trident Seafoods lead customer for NewCold’s cutting-edge cold storage facility Seafood Source by Madelyn Kearns – February 8, 2017 Ground has been broken on a site near the Port of Tacoma in Washington, U.S.A., which will accommodate the

February 9, 2017

Alaska/Pacific Coast Seafood groups pick up $5.9M tab for hatchery salmon research Alaska Journal of Commerce by DJ Summers  February 8, 2017 Processors and a Southeast hatchery have agreed to pony up millions to keep an Alaska Department of Fish

February 8, 2017

Alaska/Pacific Coast Committee holds first meeting on bill to protect Bristol Bay Bristol Bay Times by Molly Dischner –  February 5, 2017 As the new administration indicates a willingness to consider a major mine in Bristol Bay, and backers acquire