February 23, 2017

Alaska/Pacific Coast Pacific Cod Pot Gear Harvests Closed in Western GOA Fishermen’s News – February 22, 2017 Federal fisheries officials have issued a temporary rule putting a halt to the harvest of Pacific cod by vessels using pot gear in

February 21, 2017

Alaska/Pacific Coast Potential portion of raw fish tax: $39,559.49 Koplin: City council expected to approve equal share tax shares with Valdez, Whittier Cordova Times by Cinthia Gibbens-Stimson – February 17, 2017 A state shared fisheries business tax program stands to

February 20, 2017

Alaska/Pacific Coast The salmon divide ‘Fish wars’ fatigue has sides stressing science ahead of Board of Fisheries meeting Frontiersman  by Mary Lockman – February 18, 2017 PALMER — David Martin, President of the United Cook Inlet Drift Association, is tired

February 16, 2017

National USDA Revises Salmon Purchase Requirements Fishermen News Online – February 15, 2017 The US Department of Agriculture’s Agricultural Marketing Service has issued revised supplemental eligibility requirements for salmon processors and processing facilities engaged in competitive bidding on USDA solicitations