May 23, 2018

Alaska/Pacific Coast Alaskan fishermen aren’t the only ones noticing the rise of Atlantic halibut KBB by Aaron Bolton – May 21, 2018 As prices and demand for Pacific halibut have fallen in Alaska, commercial fishermen say a new Canadian competitor

May 22, 2018

Alaska/Pacific Coast Togiak sac roe herring’s lone gillnetter calls it a season Thirty percent of the Togiak sac roe herring quota is allocated to the gillnet fleet. This year, the F/V Wave Ryder was the fishery’s gillnet fleet of one.

May 21, 2018

Alaska/Pacific Coast Kings looking good, sockeyes are slow Harvesters netting $15.50 a pound for Chinooks, $10.50 a pound for reds, plus 50 cent dock fee Cordova Times by Margaret Bauman – May 18, 2018 Early reports for the 2018 opener

May 18, 2018

Alaska/Pacific Coast Copper River fishery opens for business Cordova Times by Margaret Bauman – May 17, 2018 On the eve of Alaska’s famed Copper River opener seafood chefs from Seattle to Anchorage were ready with gourmet recipes to celebrate the

May 17, 2018

Alaska/Pacific Coast 15 Communities Share in NSEDC’s Fisheries Bounty Fishermen’s News – May 16, 2018 Fifteen communities in Alaska’s Norton Sound area are getting a mid-year financial boost earned from the bounty of Bering Sea fisheries. Pacific Whiting Fishery