Alaska/Pacific Coast

Salmon Update: Coho harvests mounting in Copper, Bering rivers
PWS humpy harvest tops 48 M
Cordova Times Margaret Bauman – September 15, 2017
Harvests of coho salmon in Prince William Sound are growing, with preliminary data compiled by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game showing a catch of 171,000 silvers in the Copper River and another 52,000 fish delivered from the Bering River.

King salmon returning to Chilkat River exceed expectations, but continue on downward trend
KHNS by Abbey Collins – September 13, 2017
Adult king salmon are returning to the Chilkat River at historically low numbers.
The population has been decreasing over the past 10 years. In 2016, the Chilkat saw the lowest escapement estimate in about 25 years.

Nearly 50 escaped Atlantic salmon caught in B.C. waters
Vancouver Sun by Randy Shore – September 15, 2017
At least eight Atlantic salmon have been caught in the Fraser River and nearly 50 in total in B.C. waters following a fish farm accident in Washington State.


Mallott kills fish measure
Lieutenant governor says proposed ballot initiative is unconstitutional
Juneau Empire by James Brooks – September 13, 2017
Lt. Gov. Byron Mallott has rejected a proposed pro-fisheries ballot initiative as inappropriately restricting the powers of the Alaska Legislature.

Salmon initiative supporters disappointed in rejected ballot application
Bristol Bay Times by Carey Restino – September 15, 2017
The state of Alaska this week rejected an application for a ballot initiative that proposed updating Alaska’s law governing development in salmon habitat. Dubbed the “Stand for Salmon” ballot initiative, proponents say the proposed changes would have promoted responsible resource development, while creating clear standards for protection of Alaska’s wild salmon. The regulation changes would also have created more opportunity for public comment on salmon-related development issues.

Kodiak opposes salmon cap agenda change
KMXT by Kayla Desroches – September 15, 2017
Kodiak is gearing up to oppose what it considers a threat to its fisheries.
The Alaska Department of Fish and Game released a study  last year that found a percentage of Kodiak area sockeye salmon are Cook Inlet fish.


Trade groups want 10-year requirement removed from Magnuson-Stevens Act
Seafood Source by Steve Bittenbender – September 15, 2017
As Congress gets ready to address reauthorizing the Magnuson-Stevens Act, representatives from commercial fishing interests are urging lawmakers to revisit some of the current law’s regulations they feel have hindered the industry.

Labeling and Marketing

Research report explores canned salmon market for forecast period 2016 – 2024 – September 18, 2017
In the last few years, the rising popularity of salmon across the globe has resulted in a high demand for aquaculture. The increasing health benefits, such as proteins, minerals, and fatty acids offered by consuming salmon is likely to generate promising opportunities for key players operating in the global market.

3MMI – Pacific Cod Supply Is Poor, Inventories Booking Up, Containers Pre-selling on the Water
TradexFoods – September 18, 2017
As we approach the Fall, production space before Chinese New Year is rapidly booking up even during strong raw material pricing. As anticipated, Pacific Cod supply is still poor and raw materials are practically on par with it’s Atlantic counterpart…

Federal Register

Fisheries of the Exclusive Economic Zone Off Alaska; Reallocation of Pacific Cod in the Bering Sea and Aleutian Islands Management Area; Correction
A Rule by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration on 09/18/2017
NMFS is correcting a temporary rule that reallocated Pacific cod from vessels using jig gear and catcher vessels greater than or equal to 60 feet (18.3 meters) length overall (LOA) using hook-and-line gear to catcher vessels less than 60 feet (18.3 meters) LOA using hook-and-line or pot gear in the Bering Sea and Aleutian Islands management area. The amount reallocated from vessels using jig gear was incorrect.

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