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This year’s Bristol Bay sockeye fishery was the second largest in 20 years
Bristol Bay Times by Molly Dischner – September 18, 2016
The final tally is in, and Bristol Bay fishermen saw their second-largest sockeye return in two decades this summer. But by other measures, it wasn’t as robust a fishery as some years past.

Unalaska petitions for relaxed rules in tanner crab closure
The Bristol Bay Times by Jim Paulin – September 16, 2016
In hopes of saving a tanner crab fishery in the Bering Sea next month, the Unalaska City Council last week endorsed an emergency petition to the state Board of Fisheries for an amended harvest strategy despite a steep drop in the female crab population.

Marine Mammal Research News
Mammal Research Consortium – September 2016
New Behaviors Observed in Northern Fur Seals, Shaking & Rolling, Island Insights

No Red King Crab Fishery in Southeast Alaska for 2016/2017
SEAFOODNEWS.COM – September 16, 2016
For the sixth year in a row, there will be no red king crab harvest off Southeast Alaska for the 2016/2017 season.

The Alaska Department of Fish and Game announced yesterday that survey results show some increase in biomass from last year, but it “is still at hirstorically low levels.”

The fishery is closed when “the department’s estimate of available harvest is below the minimum threshold of 200,000 pounds of legal male red king crab,” reads the announcement. “The estimate of available harvest, based on 2016 stock assessment survey results, is well below the minimum threshold.”

The fishery has been closed since 2010/2011 with surveys conducted each year since.

Seven areas were surveyed this year: Pybus Bay, Gambier Bay, Seymour Canal, Peril Strait, the Juneau area, Lynn Sisters, and Excursion Inlet. Port Frederick and Holkham Bay were dropped as survey areas in 2015 due to budget constraints.

Of those areas, five had increases in legal biomass and five had increases in mature biomass. Others decreased or remained constant since last season.

The adjusted biomass estimate for legal red king crab for the Southeast Region is 1.36 million pounds, an 11 percent increase. The adjusted biomass estimate for mature red kings is 1.89 million pounds, a 19 percent increase from the 2015/2016 season.


Pink, chum and coho salmon from Russia now certified sustainable
Seafood Source by Madelyn Kearns –  September 16, 2016
The Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) has approved the Russian VA-Delta Western Kamchatka salmon fishery for its Fisheries Standard certification. The pink, chum and coho Pacific salmon acquired by the fishery can now bear the blue MSC ecolabel.

Thanks To Technology, You Might Soon Know Where Your Seafood Actually Comes From
Better traceability in a notoriously opaque seafood industry could save our oceans, experts say.
Huffington Post by Dominique Mosbergen – September 16, 2016
Millions of people worldwide depend on seafood to survive. An estimated 450 million people get their primary source of food from the ocean, and according to the World Bank, fishing makes up at least 10 percent of the global economy.

Labeling and Marketing

3MMI – Slow Start to Cod Fishery Leaves Fillet Inventories Bare
TradexFoods – September 19, 2016
3-Minute Market Insight:
Trawl fishing on the Bering Sea runs from January 20th to November 1st. It is expected that the September fishery will not produce much significant volume of Cod Fillets.

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