Alaska lawmakers on guard for potential new offshore monuments
Alaska Dispatch News by Erica Martinson – September 25, 2016
WASHINGTON — Alaska lawmakers are on the lookout for potential presidential decrees that could block fishing and drilling in the state’s ocean waters.

Southern fisheries earn win in federal court
Associated Press – September 25, 2016
ANCHORAGE — A federal appeals court has ruled in favor of a state commercial fishing organization that challenged a decision to move several southern Alaska salmon fisheries from federal to state management.


The government wants more offshore fish farms, but no one is biting
The Guardian by Matt Weiser – September 25, 2016
The US imports about 91% of its seafood, half of which is farmed in aquaculture facilities. Why is the US having a hard time kickstarting its own industry?


NW Dungeness crabs focus of more acidic ocean
Associated Press by Phuong Le – September 23, 2016
MUKILTEO, Wash. (AP) — Millions of pounds of Dungeness crab are pulled from Pacific Northwest waters each year in a more than century-old ritual for commercial and recreational fishermen.

Whaling Symposium to Focus on Ties Between New England and Alaska
Capecod.com -September 25, 2016
NEW BEDFORD – New England and the Alaskan Arctic have longstanding connections among whales, the marine environment and human well-being and a three-day symposium will be held next week that focuses on that relationship.

Labeling and Marketing

3MMI – Upcoming Puget Sound Salmon Fishery Expectations – Pricing on the Rise…
TradexFoods – September 26, 2016
3-Minute Market Insight:
The Puget Sound Fall Chum Salmon Fishery is set to get underway mid October and we expect pricing to be on the rise. The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife has forecasted just over 1.18 million Chum’s to be caught in all areas up almost…

Target On Track to Achieve 100% Sustainability Certification for its Entire Seafood Supply Chain
SEAFOODNEWS.COM – September 23, 2016
Target says it has nearly met its goal to source all of its fresh and frozen seafood from fisheries that are either certified sustainable or on their way toward achieving sustainability certification.

The retailer set a goal in 2011 to source all of its seafood from fisheries that were sustainably managed or in the process of achieving certification. Target’s senior seafood buyer Nic Berkeland and its brand buyer Gry Engen teamed up to achieve the goal by partnering with Fish Wise.

FishWise helped Target develop a comprehensive sustainable seafood program with strict guidelines that every fresh or frozen seafood product dol met specific sustainability guidelines.

“Today, we’re proud to say we’ve made it 97 percent of the way to our goal, and that we’ve already achieved it for 100 percent of our owned-brand seafood products. And we’re still pushing ahead to achieve full compliance across the remaining products later this year,” Target said in a blog post on its website.

Target source products recognized by the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch program or from eco-certified sources deemed equivalent to an MBA Yellow rating or better.

“The partnership with FishWise made things really seamless,” Berkeland says. “They advised us, and connected us with the right vendors, organizations and experts to help make the best decisions for everyone involved. And the seafood community was really open to what we were doing—they knew the industry was moving toward sustainably-sourced products, and that making these updates to their businesses now would help them in the future.”

Berkeland said Target should achieve 100 percent compliance across its seafood supply chain by the end of the year.

“Thanks to the efforts of multiple Target teams, FishWise, and too many external stakeholders and vendors to mention individually, Target has come extraordinary close to fully meeting its 2015 Responsible Seafood Commitment,” says William Wall, distributor division director, FishWise. “I am very confident that Target will continue to build on this success, thereby maintaining their leadership position within the retail space.”


Public Perception of the Ocean Differs from Actual Ocean Status
CFOOD – September 22, 2016
Here at CFOOD, we work to correct misconceptions about fishing and sustainable seafood (check out our myths page). Recently, fishery scientist Trevor Branch polled his twitter followers and exposed some misperceptions that people have on the state of the ocean.

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