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Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Alaska/Pacific Coast

Fish and Game Friday: Biologists monitor salmon run in Eklutna River KTVA by Liz Raines - April 19, 2019 As salmon start making their way back into local waterways, the Alaska Department of Fish and Game is watching the Eklutna River closely. International Why Trump’s tariffs are one of the last big obstacles in U.S.-China trade talks Los Angeles Time by Don Lee - April 23, 2019 The United States and China are in the final stretch of talks to resolve a conflict over American complaints about China’s unfair trading and economic practices. Russian Fish Producers Call for Suspension of Controversial Industry Reforms by Eugene Gerden - April 22, 2019 Leading Russian fish producers have called on the national government to suspend the conduction of further controversial reforms in the national seafood industry in coming years. They're also asking the government to provide guarantees of immunity to their business, according to recent statements of industry representatives. According to fishermen, the industry situation in recent years has significantly improved, which was reflected by the increase in its transparency and profitability. In addition, the overall debt burden of the industry has also declined, while the volume of tax payments, in contrast, has increased. Additionally, the improvement of an investment climate in the industry has led to a significant growth of investments. According to earlier predictions made by German Zverev, head of the Russian Pollock Association, by 2020 the Russian fish industry may attract additional investments on the total volume of 140 billion RUB ($2.3 billion USD), that will be equivalent to about 30% of its total annual turnover. Currently, turnover is equivalent to about 350 billion RUB ($5.49 billion USD). As planned, a significant part of these investments will be allocated for the further development and renewal of the Russian fishing fleet, as well as building of new fish processing facilities in the country, primarily in its Far East and Northwest parts. Still, implementation of these plans may face with serious difficulties, according to producers, while the industry may fail to attract planned investments. That will be mainly due to ongoing reforms, which are conducted in the Russian fish sector and gradual replacement of the existing historical principle of fish quotas’ distribution in the industry by the new auctions scheme. According to Russian fishermen, this, as well as other novelties, have been introduced with the goal of promoting the interest and profits of a few local producers, particularly those affiliated with the state. Environment/Science Pebble hearings bring large turnouts, varied testimony Dutch Harbor Fisherman by Isabelle Ross - April 19, 2019 Nondalton is the closest community to the proposed Pebble Mine site, sitting about 17 miles east. FYI’s Pacific Marine Expo: Save the dates National Fisherman by Jessica Hathaway - April 22, 2019 It’s never too early to start thinking about your plans for Pacific Marine Expo. The NFL schedule was in our favor this year, and we are excited to bring the show back to a more traditional pattern of the week before Thanksgiving. The event we lovingly call Fish Expo returns to Seattle’s CenturyLink Field Event Center for a Thursday to Saturday run, Nov. 21 to 23.

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