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Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Alaska NPFMC meets online to resolve halibut issues Transfer of IFQ shares approved for the rest of the 2020 season Cordova Times by Margaret Bauman - May 24, 2020 Federal fisheries managers met online in mid-May to approve emergency action necessitated by the impact of the novel coronavirus pandemic on economic and health concerns of Alaska’s halibut fisheries. Harvesters hoping the third time’s the charm After cancellation of the third Copper River period, ADF&G okayed a 12-hour opener on Memorial Day Cordova Times by Margaret Bauman - May 24, 2020 Light winds, fog and rain spread over Prince William Sound as veteran harvester Bill Webber headed out to sea on the eve of the Memorial Day opener for the famed Copper River wild salmon fishery, hoping perhaps that the third time’s the charm. NOAA Cancels Five Large-Scale Fishery Surveys Due to COVID-19 The Maritime Executive - May 24, 2020 NOAA Fisheries announced Friday that it will cancel five out of its six large-scale research surveys in Alaskan waters this year due to COVID-19. The canceled surveys include the Aleutian Islands bottom trawl survey, the eastern Bering Sea bottom trawl survey, the northern Bering Sea bottom trawl survey, the Bering Sea pollock acoustics survey, and the Fall Ecosystem Survey. The Alaska Longline Survey is not affected. A seafood worker in Valdez has COVID-19, but state health officials don’t know how he got it KTOO by Rashah McChesney - May 23, 2020 A seafood worker in Valdez has tested positive for COVID-19. But state health officials say they aren’t sure how the man, who works for Peter Pan Seafoods, contracted the virus because he has been in the state for a month, went through quarantine and has not left the city. National American consumers continue to be concerned about seafood contamination, labor issues Seafood Source by Christine Blank - May 20, 2020 Americans' concerns regarding seafood include issues of forced labor, contamination of antibiotic, heavy metals, and plastics, and overfishing, a new survey has found. International Q&A: MSC on Ensuring Seafood Sustainability During, and After, a Global Health Crisis Sustainable Brands by Marine Stewardship Council - May 21, 2020 In times of crisis, how much does traceable and sustainable seafood matter to consumers? These are some of the issues we discussed recently with Nicolas Guichoux, Chief Program Officer at the Marine Stewardship Council. Environment/Science Pebble’s Last-Minute Change of Plans a Classic “Bait and Switch” Alaska Native News by Mary Martin - May 24, 2020 ANCHORAGE— Friday, in a stunning change of direction that calls into question the validity and legality of the ongoing Pebble Mine permitting process and Environmental Analysis, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers announced a new preferred road and infrastructure access route to the proposed mega-mine in Bristol Bay’s headwaters. Labeling and Marketing 3MMI - Market Squid, Alaska/RussiaPacific Cod & Pollock, Halibut, Alaska Salmon TradexFoods - May 25, 2020 Could we see a Large California Market Squid Harvest this year? What are the current Halibut Market Conditions? Atlantic and Russian Halibut Competition. Alaska & Russia Pacific Cod and Pollock Catch Update. Alaska Salmon Update.

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