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Monday, May 2, 2022

Alaska State forecasts record sockeye run in Bristol Bay KDLL by Sabine Poux - April 30, 2022 Alaska fishermen could see a record sockeye salmon harvest of 74 million fish this year, most of which will come from Bristol Bay. That’s according to the commercial fishing forecast summary released by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game ahead of the 2022 season. Alaska military exercise seeks more ocean; public comment ends soon Alaska Public Media by Casey Grove - April 29, 2022 Public comment ends Monday for a U.S. Navy proposal to more than quadruple the area its ships are allowed to maneuver for a war games exercise next summer in the Gulf of Alaska. National Oceana’s report says more US fishing vessels must use tracking devices National Fisherman by Jose Antunes - April 29, 2022 When it comes to transparency at sea, Oceana, a conservationist organization created to protect and restore the oceans on a global scale, says United States falls short on transparency at sea. International Russia Considering Taking Measures for Prevention of Fish and Seafood Shortage in Domestic Market by Eugene Gerden - May 2, 2022 Russia is considering taking measures for the prevention of fish and seafood shortages in the domestic market, which could be the result of unprecedented sanctions, imposed on the country. According to recent statements of Alexey Buglak, head of the Russian Pollock Association, which were made in an interview with the local RBC business paper, the deliveries of certain fish and seafood species to the domestic market, such as shrimp, Atlantic herring and mackerel can be partially replaced by domestic products, as Russian fishermen produce them, although sometimes of lower quality, compared to imported ones. At the same time, imports of frozen fish can be replaced with domestic white fish fillets - pollock, cod and haddock. Still serious problems could arise during the replacement of certain fish and seafood species, among which are chilled Atlantic salmon, frozen tuna, as well as some types of frozen fish. In the meantime, German Zverev, President of the All-Russian Association of Fish Producers (VARPE) believes the current situation remains under control, while there are no grounds for a “multiple reduction in supplies” of fish to the domestic market including Atlantic salmon. In case of salmon, according to Zverev, "unfriendly countries" account for less than 25,000 tons of such supplies, which is, about 25% of imports. In addition, over the past five years, salmon production in Russia has almost tripled and reached 137,000 tons in 2021. Some difficulties, according to him, may arise with the replacement of those types of fish that are not produced and not grown by Russian fish farms. This is mainly some premium types of fish and seafood, for example, tuna, sea bass, lobsters, cuttlefish, etc. The biggest problems are expected to be observed in case of HORECA sector, which is due to the instability of the exchange rate and the destruction of supply chains, have already faced with a significant rise of prices for some fish and its disappearance from the market. In case of salmon, as a rule, large species of Russian salmon are caught only once a year and almost all of this volume is sent for exports, primarily to Asia-Pacific region. Most of the salmon that is supplied to the domestic market is of lower quality and size. Labeling and Marketing Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute: Monthly Update ASMI - April 2022 Connection Through Seafood, Alaska Seafood in the News, "Dinner's Off the Hook" Alaska Seafood Hub, New Resources, Industry invited to join new Alaska Seafood Online Marketplace, ASMI Activities, 2022 RDBA Virtual Expo, ASMI returns to ComFish, Kodiak, Sustainability campaign kick-off, Restaurant seminar in Bangkok... Pacific Seafood Processors Association 1900 W Emerson Place Suite 205, Seattle, WA 98119 Phone: 206.281.1667 E-mail:; Website: Our office days/hours are Monday-Friday 8:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M. In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, any copyrighted work in this message is distributed under fair use without profit or payment to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving this information for non-profit research and educational purposes only. *Inclusion of a news article, report, or other document in this email does not imply PSPA support or endorsement of the information or opinion expressed in the document.

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